RIP Adam Yauch (MCA - Beastie Boys)

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  1. Like 'em or not, it's always a strange feeling when actors, musicians, etc. that were part of your adolescence get older and/or pass away.
  2. Wow, too bad.

    I love the B-Boys

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  4. Rest In Peace MCA. The Beasties will not be the same with out you
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    RIP Adam.
  6. Listening through Licensed To Ill right now.
  7. Very sad to hear it. Some consolation: you know that guy had a great life making music, having a good time, fighting for his right to party, etc...
    Thoughts and condolences go out to his friends, family and fans.
  8. +1

    RIP Adam.
  9. man...I remember beastie boyz..I grew up with them and Vanilla Ice in the mid 1990's
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    RIP to my landsman.
  11. I saw them back around 2005. Awesome, awesome show. I really wanted to get a chance to see them again. I'm hoping for the MCA Hologram next!!!
  12. What????? Aw man, that stinks.

    My age, too.

    I wondered why he missed the R&R HoF thing the other day...I didn't even know he was sick.
  13. I can not believe how many different times in my life their music was playing. RIP to MCA.

    It is a testament to that group that they never sucked, ever. Not many bands with that amount of longevity can make that statement.
  14. I feel old
  15. RIP MCA, I was a big fan for a long time. I'm sad I never got to see them live.
  16. "Flame on, I'm gone, I'm so sweet like a nice bon bon"
  17. My man MCA's got a beard like a billy goat...


    This is really sad news. The band I used to manage had the opportunity to share a bill with the Beasties a few years ago. Adam was a great guy that spent his celebrity trying to help others, and his talent was immeasurable.

    And yet we get to keep Bieber and Nicki Minaj...
  18. Sad news indeed. While the "official" video for Sabotage is very funny, this performance of the same song in Glasgow in 1999 is nothing short of extraordinary.

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  19. I was so sad to hear this today. RIP MCA.

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