Replacing A Knot On An Old Brush

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  1. I have an old shaving brush from my dad that needs a new knot. The handle is ceramic and I'm wondering how to go about removing the old knot without destroying the handle and then what to use to afix a new knot. I have not purchased a new knot as I figure I will measure the internal diameter of the bare handle before buying.

    Thanks in advance for any help or links.
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    The knot is probably secured to the handle by glue. You may be able to twist it out.
  3. I've done a few replacements after reading the treads on it here on B&B. Not Ceramic however. If it were my project I would do the following. Cut off the Knot as close to the handle as you can. Drill a pilot hole in the center of the Knot. I would then use a drummle tool with a small cutting wheel to cut out the remainder of the Knot. I would be thinking "Root Canal" with it being a Ceramic handle. If it were old Rubber or Plastic I might be a little more agressive with a drill bit.

    Glue with a Marine two part Epoxy, clear and with a slow dry time.
    Best of Luck;
  4. Thanks for the recommendations. Do you have links to the helpful threads you read?
  5. Here is what I did with the old catalin Baton handle I just cleaned up. I've got a drill press so that made things much easier. I use a sharp pocket knife to trim the knot down to the top of the handle, then turn to the drill press. I start with a larger bit to drill out the center of the knot and work outward with smaller bits. When I get as much as I can with the drill press, I turn back to the sharp pocket knife and being very careful begin cutting out what's left to the outer edge. Take your time and be patient. The hard rubber that the original knot was set with was just that, really hard. When's it as clean as you want it, measure the inside diameter in millimeters and decide what sort of knot you want. Get your knot and beginning fitting it to your handle. Some sandpaper and maybe a dremel with a sanding drum will help. You may have to pour a little epoxy into the handle to get the height of knot where you want it. Many epoxies can be thinned with 91% rubbing alcohol. This time around I think I will use regular set marine epoxy. Use what you want. One way to keep it clean. I wrap the entire handle with blue masking tape and put a rubber band around the top of the knot and tape just above the glue plug on the knot. You can wipe off any uncured epoxy with the same 91% alcohol. Just be careful and patient, you'll surprise yourself at how good a job you can do.
  6. Hey folks!
    Thanks for the great info, I have a couple of old brushes that IM thiking bout replacing the knots.
    I was looking for badger knots on ebay, and they have quite a few at good prices.
    What do you thing about the quailty verses mor main stream retailers.
    Thanks for you input!
  7. Two of the ebay vendors, ACE and Virginia Sheng, sell quality knots. I'm slightly more partial to ACE.
  8. Good luck with your restore. Be sure to post before and after pics here.
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  10. I'd use steam on ceramic

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