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  1. I've noticed that different regions tend to have different "identities" in their shaving products, particularly in shave creams/soaps. The most obvious to me is the British products with floral/botanical scents (violet, rose, limes, etc.), the Italian products with stronger, more robust menthols and eucalyptus, and the German products with, for lack of a better term, medicinal scents (I am thinking Speick and Tabac here). Has anyone else noticed this, and have you noticed other regional trends like this? I was also wondering about France, and whether this is true there as well. I suppose one could look at L'Occitane products, but I don't know of they are really French or just some clever marketing and are really owned by the Gap or something. Thoughts?
  2. The French seem to be a bit herbal, but all (besides L'Occitane) have very mild scents. At least that's what I've gathered from posts and reviews here.

    Also, the Dutch seem to be like the Germans. At least to me De Vergulde Hand is in the same "family" as Tabac, and Kruidvat is a milder and more soapy scent.
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    As far as the French soaps go... Pre de Provence and Provence Sante (to a greater degree) both have powdery, perfume-y soap smells. Very fresh smelling and moisturizing, but the scents have been called by some as too "feminine." I haven't tried the Cade.
  4. I've always thought there are typical French scents. Hard to describe, but I'd say they are muted, mellow, perfumy type blends. Very typical is Plisson ambre matin shaving cream, Dior's eau sauvage line of products, the shaving soap an ASB by Lothantique, the Cade shaving soap (the spiciest of the lot). Even French bath soaps (like R&G's) have that distinct type of scent: less pronounced and straightforward than British soaps like Bronnley or Yardley, more like complex and aged blends,which are always a love or hate thing. Don't know if I'm making any sense... :confused1

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