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  1. i had not used the red tip rocket for a while, so after using aristocrats, edwin jaggers and other fairly mild razors for a few months i decided to bring it into the rotation, now you forget how gentle you have to go with these little pit bull of a razor, result a couple of nicks, but what a close shave when you treat it with a bit of care, when i change from a mild razor to say the fatip, the look of it tells you to be carefull, the red tips on the other hand dont have that aggresive look about them, but boy do they shave close.
  2. I've yet to try mine, I have it since June :-/ Silly me ? Yeah, probably lolll
  3. Just the appreciation I needed. I got lucky here with my WTB ad. (Got it from a friendly American gentleman). With a little luck I have mine in a day or two. :thumbup:
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    I love my birthyear Red Tip. So much so that it's going to be replated soon. :001_smile
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    They are great razors. I don't find them to be all that aggressive, and they always leave me with a great shave.
  6. the brit red tip rocket seems a wee bit more aggressive than the us red tip, well to me anyway, i agree both the brit and us red tips are great shavers, i feel that you have to be a touch more carefull with them , than say a superspeed though.
  7. Great little razors! Enjoy.
  8. Thought my Merkur Futur was the ultimate razor however one day I gave a Redtip a try.

    Sold the Futur and now only use the Redtip.

    Great shave and easy to use.

    Would love to get my hands on a Brit Redtip.
  9. I totally agree with you there mate.

    For me the order aggressiveness goes like this:

    British Red Tip Rocket
    British Red Tip SS
    US Red Tip SS
  10. i have never tried the brit red tip ss, the rocket version you can feel the blade, kind of like an open comb razor, if you know what i mean.

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