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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by captp, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Anybody else recycle their nicer cigar boxes for shaving stuff. I decided I didn't like the look of a dozen soaps, packs of blades etc sitting out on the stainless steel bakers rack style rack I have in my bathroom. I took one of my old Romeo & Julieta cigar box to hold all my soaps. It originally held something like 200 various sized Reserve Maduros and has a double R&J raised medallion on the lid. It's about 23" long x 8" wide x 4" deep inside dimensions. It holds all 12 of my soaps in their plastic tubs or wood bowls. If I go over the edge and get another dozen, they'll fit too; deep enough to hold 2 high. It was just about a quarter inch too long to fit across the rack, so I took 4 of the cedar dividers from various boxes and set it up about a quarter inch to fit easily. Took another cigar box/humidor that's a bit smaller and put extra soaps, bowls, etc in that one. A nice Fuente Anejo box for packs of blades, a straight case, and a few odds and ends. A Cusano 18 box turned to be perfect size for a big supply of Q-tips. A few dividers for stable support of my mug and a bottle of room spray.

    Not as elegant as some of the Shave Dens I've seen posted here, but it gets the job done, and fits my personality (such as it is)
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    Took a couple of shots with my phone, but my laptop doesn't see them.
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    Dug out my digital camera and took a few. Let's see if I can upload them. The Cusano18 box is the Toro size and it's not Q-tips, but CVS brand swabs; guessing they're the same size. The box in with the blade packs is a sample size of some eye drops that I use as a used blade safe; when it's full, I'll get something else for it. The Fuente box can probably hold 80+ packs of blades. The white labels on the lower left and upper left of the lid of the R&J box is the Surgeon General's warning about smoking. The big black mug will be replaced by a Dirty Bird Original scuttle when it arrives in a couple of weeks.
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    I have one that I use to hold spare guitar strings, picks, and microfiber cloths, for my guitars, and another that I keep a couple of water pillows in that I use as a travel humidor. My kids each have a couple to keep foreign coins, seashells, notes from school friends, and the odd unusual rock. Every kid should have a cigar box to keep their treasures in.
  6. The owner of the local cigar shop used the lids from the cardbored boxes to wallpaper the entire bathroom in the shop. I wouldn't recommend this for any room that your wife may walk into ever.
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    I keep a small wooden cigar box in one of "my" drawers under the sink to hold blades and small samples. :thumbup1:

    Cigar boxes are full of awesome, even when they are empty of cigars :001_smile
  8. I bought a cigar box from a smoke shop for like $2 to keep my blades and sample tubs in. There were piles of them by the front door of the shop for sale. It now sits on my dresser and is pretty much full.
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    As an added bonus, I have a Fuente Opus X box on my desk at work to serve as my office humidor. I paid a couple of bucks for the box from a local cigar shop a few years ago.
  10. Steve:
    I've always wondered about wood cigar boxes as Humidors because I thought they wouldn't be able to have a good 'seal' and keep your cigars at the right % humidity.

    What do you use as a humidifier in your cigar box? :blink:

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  11. I bought a bunch of wooden cigar boxes at a local antique mall this year and used them as boxes for gifts to my male friends/family. Lined the bottoms with some black felt and tied them shut with black ribbon and they looked manly as could be. They were a big hit - even my female friends wanted them to keep as valets on their dressers. At $2 each, it was cheaper than gift bags, too!
  12. I keep my DErby razors in a wooden cigar box
  13. Dave:
    Great idea and very original too. :thumbup:

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  14. Well now we know who's buying all the Col. Conk soaps!
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    I use a wooden cigar box to store razor blades, they fit perfectly.
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    It probably isn't the best idea, but they don't usually stay in there for very long :tongue_sm

    This box in particular actually seals up pretty tight (due to the fact that it is equipped with a latch and requires compression of the lid/inner seal to engage the latch) and shares very similar construction to a humidor. For humidification, I currently just have a puck that I pulled from another humidor, but a crystal tube would be ideal.

    Sorry for the crappy phone pics, but here you go:

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  18. Steve:
    +1 and thanx for sharing. :thumbup:

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  19. Very cool work guys. I had at one time fashioned a Monte Cristo white box into a humidor. I also looked at the CAO Criollo Box for use with shaving items. It's a fairly difficult to find box though.

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