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  1. Good Day;

    So I got my dad an R41 last week - he used to DE shave back in the day but most recently has gone the M3 way... I figured the R41 would be a nice leap to the future from the TTO Gillettes he used but he says it is noisy. Has anyone else experienced this? I've never shaved with the old American razors so have no reference point but how can a razor be noisy? I asked how and he said - as it shaves... Oh - and the blade was most likely the Crystal from Israel. Thanks in advance.
  2. You can hear the razor working and it is a bit noisy. It sounds much like a straight when it shaves at least to me and I enjoy the audible feedback.
  3. Do you mean like you hear the hair coming off? that's intense!!
  4. The audible feedback can be problematic if you rely on it alone and dont use tactile means to verify the quality of the shave.
  5. It is noisy because there's a lot of blade exposure. I love the noise of it: it tells you it's doing something. When it goes quiet there's no need to keep shaving :wink2: (at least in that direction).

    You'd do your father a big favor by buying him a blade sampler.
  7. I like Gavin's answer too! I have a bit of a blade collection going - Astra, Derby, Voskhod, Sputnik, Gillette, Feather, Wilkinson and am expecting Bolzano and Croma's next week - I should make him up a sampler pack.
  8. That's a dang good start Shawn , I think he will be chuffed with that.
  9. Well, you got him the closest shaving razor around. Other DE razors are shaped so they muffle the sound of the whiskers being cut - my Slim comes to mind or any of the vintage Gillette TTO's. More blade exposure means more volume. :eek2: My Gem SE is loud too.
  10. Funny how different people amass different blades. I'm no ignoramus, but I've hardly heard of some of these. FWIW my collection is PermaSharp, Red IP, Gillette Yellow, Astra, Personna Lab, Feather, plus some samples of ... I forget!

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