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  1. If you mix a soap and a cream and make a superlather, don't you destroy the integrity or purity of both products at the cost of making a Superlather?

    I lather on my face, if that makes a difference...

  2. What do you mean "Destroy", if you use a glycerin based soap to load the brush before making lather with your favorite cream you simply infuse the lather with extra glycerin, making a much slicker lather. Just make sure you are using a Glycerin based soap and the result is great.
  3. Thanks...

    So, I think you might generate a lather with a glycerin soap first. Then put a dollop of cream on the on the brush and then generate a lather on the face? Right?
  4. ????????
  5. Not realy, watch mantic's youtube video. You simpy rub the wet brush on a puck and get it loaded with the glycerin soap (VDHs' is cheap and works well) then add the cream to the brush and build the great lather on your face.
  6. Why is the pretty lady so confused?
  7. You just have to try it.

    The first time I tried this I didn't know there was already a name for it. I posted about how I was able to combine two products that I didn't like separately but worked great together. Then I saw Marks video on Superlather and had a Homer Simpson moment, "Doh!" :lol:
  8. Sorry for the late reply...

    I saw the video. Well I guess that answered my question...

    But, can you face lather your way to a superlather? or Does it have to be made in a bowl?

    Anyone know?

  9. Yes you can. I am a 100% face latherer. On occasion when I feel like going for super lather, I have a puck of unscented glycerine soap. A few swirls on the wet puck to load the brush, a dime sized dollop of cream on the brush, and swirl away on my face. In addition to a very slickery lather, you will most likely whip up enough lather for 10 passes with enough left over to shave the dog! Just dive in and give 'er a try.
  10. Smoke,

    What soap do you use?

  11. :001_huh:

    *chuckle*, I don't imagine you use a straight for that.
  12. You're on to something. Some combos work better than others, that's for sure. I think it's mostly suggested that you start with a glycerin type soap + shaving cream. Even then, I'm sure there is the possibility of ingredients colliding in a non-satisfactory way..

  13. I use a puck of Col Conks unscented. Good soap and only $4 a puck.

  14. jss


    I'll let the more experienced answer the question..But I'm glad you asked it

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