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  1. I just received a tub of Proraso green (new formula) and would like to hear if you people load your brush in the tub?

    I have not had any experience with this consistancy before and expect my boar brushes to eat the way to the bottom if I take one of them anywhere near this Proraso soap/creme.

  2. I'm a disciple of Marco's Method for Italian soft soaps (Really wet brush + lots of swirling on soap = ponderous amounts of bodacious lather), and at least for me, it works much better in a larger container so the lather doesn't go everywhere. If I were you, I'd transfer it to a larger container. If not, tread carefully.
  3. I load from the bowl. I'm not sure how else you would load it really.
  4. Doesn`t that excess lather become filthy and ugly in the container?

    I had that happen to me back in the days I put my excess MWF back on the puck.
  5. Call me crazy but I had some bizarre thought of scooping some out with a teaspoon to build the lather in a cup.

  6. That is about what I do -- dip the appropriate amount out with my finger and lather up in a bowl. Unfortunately you do have to use lots of pressure on the brush to keep the soap clump under it so it will lather at the beginning which may accelerate brush wear.
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    I haven't experienced this with Cella, which I love. I just leave the lid off for a while to let the puck air out, then put it back up. No problems.
  8. Load from the tub. Marcos method works pretty good, however I like a little less water on the brush while loading.
  9. No, not in my experience.
    Using a Semogue 1305, and using Proraso I'd say every 5 out of 7 shaves, my tub lasted about 10 months. And I wasn't being stingy, either.
  10. +1 on this. I use Marco's method but I like a little dryer brush so I don't have lather running all over the place. Load heavy and add water to the tips of the brush then face lather. Works like a champ.
  11. 1) Wet brush
    2) Swirl on top of soap
    3) Bring to face or bowl for lathering

    Everything else is overcomplicating a simple thing:thumbup:
  12. I actually did that as a noob, and wondered why that d*mn proraso company had to make a soap that's neither hard or soft...before it hit me that this was one of the italian soft soaps.

    Edit: Still recall seeing an almond size proraso swirling in my lather bowl, slowly disappearing like melting ice cream as I swirled...
  13. I like to load Proraso with a small wet brush , a wee scot , directly on the soap in the tub. It fits well inside the tub and does not overload with water.
  14. I load from the tub.
  15. I wondered the same thing. A tub of Proraso green was my first experience, and as with some other first experiences I kept thinking "I'm pretty sure I'm not doing this right..." :blink:

    Ive gotten better at getting it to lather up decently, but I still don't like the mess in the tub.... For now my clear preference is lathering up an almond of green tube cream in my mug. Very noob friendly! I think once my brush technique has improved enough I'll try the tub again, if only to prove that I can.

  16. This +1
  17. Tried it yesterday using that that wet brush to tub method using my 1305.

    Well.... It didn`t crave all my soap. Instead I failed to get enough lather for more than 2 passes and it wasn`t as good as I`m used to.
    Guess I`ll try a smaller brush tomorrow the same way. That should give me less water and easier to swirl in the tub.

    I tried green Proraso about a year ago from a can. As far as I recall it was a lot moore cooling than I experienced yesterday.
    Too bad it wasn`t more cooling.

    Have a great Sunday everyone!
  18. Excess pseudo-lather in soap containers doesn't bother me since I bowl lather..I scoop it out and put it in the bowl. The more the merrier.
  19. Load from tub. Sure it gets messy - but what part of WET shaving doesn't involve water, lather or both (sorry...).

    I just wipe down the tub whilst I'm cleaning my kit and the alum is doing it's thang - then rinse.
  20. New Proraso soap in tub.

    Old (empty) RazoRock Artisan container.

    Take spoon, remove Proraso from its tub, smash into RR tub.

    Load directly in bigger tub using Marco's method.


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