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  1. I've been getting different stories from every store associate. Some say between the fingers and wrist on the top of the hand. Others say on the chest and neck.

    I just wanted to get a general consensus of how everyone is applying their fragrance.

    I'm spraying it in the air and walking through the mist fully clothed. Am I doing it right ?:wink2:
  2. Im no expert but I believe the best places to put your fragrance is where heat is generated. Wrists, chest, behind ears and neck.
  3. No, you are wasting a ton of it....fragrance is meant to go on the skin.
  4. Hahaha. I was joking about the 1980s application technique. However, I definitely want to know what everyone else is doing.
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    I put a spray on my chest. then depending on the frag, i'll do a half on each wrist, maybe one on the back.
  6. I usually spray on my chest and neck. I also spray once on my dress shirt for the day.
  7. Chest 1-3 sprays, depending on the environment (less for work, more for night out on the town). On occasion I will also apply to wrists and then dab onto sides of neck, but I try to avoid this sometimes because 1) causes me to sniff my wrist a lot, which is annoying habit, and 2) I might not want to project too much if in a work environment, for example (want to enjoy the fragrance more for me, not offend others). I don't like to spray on neck directly because my skin gets irritated, and I also don't want to be blasted with the scent and develop olfactory fatigue or just get overwhelmed by the scent up in my face (even if it's a good scent).
  8. Fragrance is to be applied to the skin, e.g pulse points that generate heat like a previous poster indicated. Applying to clothing is a waste because it keeps the fragrance from going through its life cycle and it stains clothing.
  9. Depends a bit on the frag, but generally- one to chest, one to back of neck, one on each outer wrist.
  10. sla why outer wrist? i always thought inside of wrist (ie where pulse is, not where watch face would sit)
  11. I spray once on each wrist and touch my wrists to the sides of my neck. I always seem to get too much when spraying directly to my neck. Maybe its just me. YMMV
  12. The only proper method is the one that maximizes your enjoyment.
  13. I've been warned twice not to wear Antico Caruso on the clothes. It has high share of oils. Maximally allowed? Normally and EDT shouldn't leave a stain on clothes. I don't know about the sensitive fabrics. Some EDCs I sometimes spray on the shirt too.
  14. +1.. That is the recommended method.
  15. That article was very interesting. Thanks for posting it :thumbup:
  16. +1
  17. I hope so, because I spray it on my palm, then wipe my cheeks with said palm.
  18. Thank god for you lads. I know I'll get some validation here that I'm not going crazy, as across at Fragrantica there are people that wear up to 12 sprays of fragrance!!!! And I'm not talking some ethereal cologne, one guy was advocating 12 sprays on the chest of LIDGE, another uses Obsession and Egoiste at 6-8 sprays. Obviously weak fragrances are not a big deal, but I feel that some people on that board are wearing strong frags to the point of chemical warfare.

    The thread discussing matters is here:
  19. I've seen several threads where folks on basenotes talk about 12-14 sprays. There's even one thread where a guy talks about 40-50 sprays...and is SERIOUS.

    It seems shocking, but let's think about it for a second. These people are at the mecca of fragrance obsession (basenotes, fragrantica, etc). You're going to see these outliers on these sites more than you'll see them anywhere else.

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