Pre-shave oil alternatives?

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  1. As part of my routine, I use a pre-shave oil to aid razor glide. I have been using the Bluebeards revenge pre-shave oil and it seems to do the job intended, when worked very well into the beard/stubble.

    However, I was thinking what alternatives can be used.... What do other members use? Can you use generic oils like baby oil?
  2. A lot of us here make our own pre-shave oil. Do a search for homemade shave oils and you will get various personal recipes. Making it yourself is extremely inexpensive yet still very effective performance-wise.
  3. Pre-shave oil is not really there for adding glide, it is there for locking in the moisture you gave your skin before applying the oil. The soap is still giving the glide.

    I am using grape-seed oil as preshave.
  4. I have been using Maggard's Lime pre-shave oil - very happy with it.
  5. I use Shave Secret from Walmart. Does the job. As said above, I don't really think it helps the blade "glide".
  6. I prefer Proraso's pre-shave creams to the various oils. Both the regular and the sensitive are excellent products, and the additional menthol is very refreshing.

    King of Shaves Kinexium and Pacific Shaving's oil are also very good products. The Kinexium provides exceptional glide, likely because it contains dimethicone.

    I do NOT like the Art of Shaving oil as I find it too viscous. However, I have not tried their newer Ocean Kelp scented pre-shave gel.
  7. I shower before I shave, no need for a pre-shave for me.
  8. After a shower, you have best effect from a pre-shave oil as you then have really much moisture to lock in. Without enough of moisture, I think it is even better to be without oil as you then get some moisture from the lather at least.

    Also, for me pre-shave oil has another function: soap is drying out the skin as it solves up the fat. By adding oil before lathering you give some fat for the soap to solve up rather than your own.
  9. I usually use proraso pre and post. You could also use your soap or cream as a pre shave treatment.
  10. I can't sing the praises of Myrsol enough. While not an oil, the Emulsion balm and the Antesol splash are amazing preshaves. They both contain wonderful skin care ingredients and they smell light and fresh as well.

    As for generic oils I've tried cornhuskers lotion and it works pretty well. I just massage some on and let it sit a few min before rinsing it off and applying cream/soap. Works well enough but smells sorta weird...
  11. As mentioned - proraso pre-post, body lotion/any time of moisturizing lotion or cream can be used instead of oil. As for oil - branded preshave oil or pure veg oil (coconut, olive, grapeseed, castor) or homemade blends are options.

    One need to experiment for themselves to see what works best. For e.g. for me proraso pre-post does not work. But grapeseed does.
  12. I've seen various recipes. For simplicity, I have a bottle of grapeseed oil poured from my kitchen bottle. You can get fancy with blends or a few drops of essential oils for scent.

    I don't use it due to not noticing a difference. May revisit that at some point.
  13. I use Shea Moisture shea butter pre-shave oil. Can't say that I'm completely pleased with it but I think it does help soften my beard before shaving.
  14. I do not use a pre-shave oil, but what I use is Mike's Natural Soaps with 5 drops of glycerin added. The lather I get gives me all the
    sliding and protection I could ask for.
  15. I'm a fan of pre shave oils and for the past few days I've been making my own with great results. The variety is huge and after doing my research I've settled with a grape seed, clove, jojoba, sweet almond , vegetable glycerine combo, spiced up with some tangerine oil. All organic, the scent is delicious. Clove is the thickest and necessary to hold it together. Of course there are a tons of other oils that can be used so its really up to your preference. One thing I know, I'll never order another pre shave oil ever. Lavender next....
  16. Soap and water.

    Hot shower, shave either in the shower or straight out of the shower.
    My only shave specific prep is the shave soap/cream.
  17. I make my own also.

    1 Tbsp Almond Oil
    1 tsp Castor Oil
    1/2 tsp Coconut Oil
    10 to 15 drops Essential Oils for scent (I use citrus scents)

    Shop carefully and you can make your own very inexpensively. Make small batches and you can find scents that you like personally.
  18. I make my own:
    1 part avocado oil
    1 part jojoba oil
    1 part sweet almond oil
  19. I like proraso pre-shave. It's very refreshing.
  20. I've frequently seen a mix of 2/3 castor oil and 1/3 olive oil. If you've got the olive oil at home, pick up some castor oil, which is about $10 for 16 ounces. Add in 8 ounces of olive oil, and that's 24 ounces of pre-shave oil. According to Google, there are 591 drops in an ounce, or 14,184 ounces in that mix. If you even did 10 drops a day (which is a lot), you have enough for almost four years worth of shaves!

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