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  1. I have heard alot of you guys talk about pirate's cove soaps. So I tried to google them and all I got was a listing of when they were mentioned on this site. Where can I get them online?

    Also while I am thinking about it I know that Mama Bear probably has the best scents but how do their soaps preform? Right now the only soap I have is C&E Nomad. How do Mama Bear and Pirate's Cove compare to that?

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  3. Keeping in mind of course that every shaver has different ideas about what works best, I've used both these brands with decent results. Mama Bear has many more scents available and Pirates Cove is cheaper priced (they have excellent S&H charges as well). Both are glycerin based soaps, both have very nice scents and both give decent shaves. If glycerin soaps work well for you, I'd say you can't go wrong with either vendor. Buy one from each and see what you think.

    Personally as time has gone by, I've determined that glycerin soaps do not perform quite as well as some others. This is not to say I dislike or don't get good shaves from glycerin. I love the scents and the shaves are ok. It takes a bit more work in terms of blade buffing, and passes to get a smooth shave from them. I find the tallow based triple milled soap to perform best (Tabac, MWF) with the clay based soaps (HBS, TGQ, TSD) coming in a close second. The tallow and clay provide better slip and slickness for my coarse beard. All of the brands listed in my post are at or under the $15 mark so you can try out a few without breaking the bank. Good luck.
  4. I have tried the Pirate's Cove Rose and Coconut SS and loved them both. For the quality/$ spent, Pirate's Cove soaps are pretty darn good. With time, I have tried a few more and have found TGQ and HBS soaps to offer the best shaves.
  5. I recently finished a puck of lavender from Pirate's Cove and started a puck of the bay rum and have a coconut and a lime puck waiting. Once I got the hang of getting the water/soap ratio going, I got good shaves from it. I wasn't sure cus of the price but I really like it, though not the same as Trumpers. But then again thats glycerin vs. triple milled...:tongue_sm
  6. Anyone else experiencing delays from Pirate's Cove?

    I ordered two cakes of shaving soap on the 4th of July (paid via Paypal) and haven't heard a word from them. No order acknowledgement and no product delivered.

    In the mean time, soap ordered from Nana June on that same date arrived days ago and soap ordered 2 days ago from Mama Bear already arrived today. (Great service from Mama Bear in my opinion!)

    I just went to paypal to dispute my purchase and let them contact the Pirate about my soap or money. Could be a simple reason (closed for vacation, etc.) but it's time to find out before it slips my mind and I forget about it totally.
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  7. I had excellent service, so I have no idea what may be the problem with your order mate. The seller was a real gent.

    As for the soap itself, fantastic. Bay Rum was my fave by far. I'll defo get some more in the future. Mentioned on another thread earlier today, had some Trumpers Extracts of Limes last week, and I can honestly say in my opnion the Pirates Cove beats it hands down, in every respect. Scent, price and latherability.:thumbup:
  8. I guess Pirate's Cove was closed for a week, maybe for vacation. The owner got back to me and said there is a notice posted on his webpage, but if it's there I dont see it. Anyway, I'm not in a hurry, just wanted to know the status of my $12 order. Could be the notice was there and I missed it too, however it's not there now because obviously they're back from vacation or wherever they were off to.. Good communication from Tom so I'm happy. Can't wait to try out his soap!
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  9. How do Pirate's Cove soaps perform compared to TGQ, VDH, QED ? Not scent wise, I mean pure performance like softening whiskers, slikness, cushioning ? Did someone try PC with some of the other known soaps in the glyceryn category ?
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