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  1. After looking around the Valley of the Sun for shaving supplies, I thought I’d put together a list for anybody else in the area. If you have found any that I haven’t listed, please post them here so that others (and myself) can check them out.
    I spend most of my time around the east valley, so that’s where I’ve spent the most time looking. Some of the retailers have multiple Valley locations, but some don't carry the same lines of products. A quick phone call could save you some time.
    I’m still trying to find some more higher (and lower) end stuff. I’ll update here when I find them.

    *note* The Nordstrom’s around here don’t carry Truefitt & Hill.

    Arizona Mills Mall

    Merlos Cutlery
    Carries a few Merkur models, some brushes (I forget which ones), a couple Col. Conk soaps, a couple decent strops, and some not so decent straights. If you sign up for email updates on their website you’ll get printable coupons for as much as 25% off one item.

    Fragrance Outlet (next to Merlos)
    Carries Tabac cologne and Royall (bay rhum, Mandarin, Spyce, Muske, Lyme).

    Carries Tabac AS

    Bath & Body Works Outlet
    Very rarely gets men’s products, but when they do they’re very inexpensive.

    Hi Health
    Carries the Kiss My Face line. I’m not sure if this location carries the Shave creams, but some of their valley locations do. Whole Foods carries them as well.

    Chandler Fashion Square

    Dolce Barber & Spa
    Offers straight shaves (I haven’t tried them). Carries eshave products. You can get a coupon at the guest services desk in the mall for 15% off of any product if you’re an AAA member.

    Offers the men’s colognes and the Cade line.

    Crabtree & Evelyn
    Offers the full mens collection. If you sign up for email updates on their website you’ll immediately get a printable coupon for $10 off of $50.

    Bath & Body Works
    Carries the C.O. Bigelow line. They’re very liberal with coupons, which can easily be found online.

    The Body Shop
    Liberal with coupons, sign up or look around online.
    Carries their own line of men’s products. ASD, Cologne, synthetic Bushes, etc.


    Lotions and Potions
    On Mill Ave. in Tempe
    Carries C&E Sandalwood and Almond, but not much else.

    In Chandler.
    Carries Norton Hones and some exotic woods in 1/8 for scales. Sign up for email coupons.

    Tempe Marketplace, Chandler mall, others?
    Carries some Lucky Tiger Products.

    Sally’s Beauty Supply
    Carries Pinaud Clubman AS and Masters Bay Rum AS.
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    Thanks, added to this post
  3. Very helpful! :thumbup1: I bet that took a lot of time to put together.
  4. This is great. Thanks for doing this. I was just about to head to scottsdale fashion square to pick up some T&H, I'm glad I read this first.
  5. Scottsdale Fashion Square (Nordstroms) did have some Art of Shaving last time I was in there, along with Typical Jack Black, Anthony Logistics, and Lucky Tiger. No T&H though.

    Keep up the good work. Arizona Represent!!!! :w00t:
  6. The Nordstroms in there carries Art of Shaving creams:w00t:, soaps, and pre and post goodies, as well as some AoS brushes... although none of them silvertip:confused:.

    I live in East Mesa near Superstition Mall and the San Tan Village Mall

    ----Superstition Mall has:
    M.U.G. (Men's Ultimate Grooming)
    Modern barbershop offering haircuts and shaves (using Mach 3 razor though)

    They regularly stock some Merkur DE razors, and some strops...
    Also stocks Eshave products: creams and razor sets/ stands and badger brushes...
    Col. Conk soaps, brushes, and mugs /scuttles.
    Woody's A/S balm, soaps and shampoos
    Anthony's men products... etc...

    Bath and Body works
    the downstairs shop carries the C.O. Bigelo cream in a tube (proraso)

    just outside of Superstition mall
    carries: Men-U brushes, shave creams
    American crew shave creams A/S balms
    Lucky tiger full line of shave and men's products

    ---San Tan Village Mall
    The body shop
    carries their line of creams, A/S balms and shve brushes
  7. Here are a couple more to add to your list.

    The Cigar King in Scottsdale Airpark, stocks The Art of Shaving products. At least the last time I was in there.

    PenWorks in Carefeee, AZ always has 10-40 various size custom brushes on hand at the store.
  8. Stopped in there tonight. They also sell Dovo straights for $95. Almost pulled the trigger but the wife was with me. Settled for a couple pucks of Conks instead :frown:.
  9. How about any store information for further north in Arizona such as the Prescott, Sedona or Flagstaff areas? Anyone have suggestions wet shaving supplies & goodies in these locations...... Thanks!
  10. There is also a C&E in Scottsdale Fashion Square. Not to mention, select C&E products are available at select AJ's Markets as well as a couple of Basha's. (See Here)

    Bath & Body Works:
    - Paradise Valley Mall
    - Desert Ridge Marketplace
    - Metrocenter Mall
    - The Pavilions
    - Chris Town Mall
    - Arrowhead
    - Scottsdale Fashion Square
    - Shops at Norterra
    - Lake Pleasant Town Center
    - Tempe Marketplace
    - Park West
    - Desert Sky Mall
    - Deer Valley Town Center
    - Prime Outlets at New River (Outlet Store)
    - Fiesta Mall
    - The Summit
    - Mesa Spectrum
    - Dana Park
    - Superstition
    - Superstition Springs Center II
    - Casa Paloma Mall
  11. I had the pleasure of visiting V's Barbershop when I was in Phoenix last summer. The one I visited was located at Arcadia & E Indian School Rd but V's Barbershops offer numerous locations in Phoenix & surrounding area.
    Its a tres-cool :001_cool: classic barbershop offering hot lather neck shaves with your cut.

    They carry AOS & Jack Black products as well as their own in house line of products.

    Check V's Barbershops out here
  12. I've found M&L Florida Water at the Ranch Market on 33rd Ave and Indian School/Grand Ave.
  13. This is awesome. Very helpful for us Arizonans!!

    Hope none of you went to that Junior College down in Tucson. :tongue_sm
  14. You can get Godrej shaving creams at the big Asian market at 43rd Ave and Union Hills/NW corner. I picked up the lime and menthol for $1.49 each.
  15. Hi All

    Going to Scottsdale next week, I live in Australia, so will only be there a few days. I've done the usual research but found nothing.

    So wondering if anyone knows a retailer that stocks Merkur razors anywhere within a reasonable cab ride Scottsdale?

    I can buy online in Aus, but they're a lot pricier here, and buying online from the US is do-able, but it would be easier to get one myself as I'm heading over there anyway.

    Appreciate any help, thank you.
  16. I don't know of any local places. :frown:
  17. This bump just reminded me - the Brooks Brothers store in Scottsdale fashion square carries the Royall line of AS splash - Royall lyme, royall mandarin, royall spyce, royall bay rum etc
    I dont know of anywhere that is carrying the merkur razors, but I will keep an eye out.
  18. A place called the tinderbox which is a tobacco shop near the mesa mall on southern/alma school has some wet shaving hardware and supplies. they sell Col Conks soaps, some razors, cant remember if they were DE safety razor or injectors, and some brushes. Maybe one or two more things.
  19. Really? I need to hit that place up. They carry this cinnamon drink that comes in 8 oz cans and is wicked good. Haven't been there in forever. It's a huge place though. Easy to get lost amongst the durians and tofu making machines (they actually carry them there--thought about getting one but I barely have space for my coffeemaker.)

    Other places in Phoenix are Boxer's Men's salon right around Central/Monroe across from Seamus McCaffrey's. Great haircuts and they offer complimentary wine, beer, and water. V's Barbershops are also pretty good. They have a few different locations around the Phoenix area and they carry AoS, Jack Black, Sharp's, etc.

    There's still a lot of barber shops in Phoenix that offer straight razor shaves and no frills haircuts. Really old-school type barbershops. Haircuts and complaining about SWMBO are the par for the day in these joints. They just have to looked for amongst the unisex salons and cookie cutter hair places.
  20. The cutlery shop at Arizona Mills had some Merkurs. You should check out Penworks in Carefree. It's a bit of a drive but worth it.

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