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  1. Thought I would start a thread to show off your pet photos.

    I did not realize until getting my labradoodle (Bailey) this year how difficult it is to shoot a pet, especially a young one. For every shot that she is looking at me, there are about 10 more where she is looking at squirrels, other dogs, other people, etc. Or trying to figure out what I am doing in front of her and coming to check out the camera.

    Anyways here are a few of Bailey as she grew up. Look forward to seeing yours as well

    3 Months:

    4 months

    5 months

    Now (10 months)
    with my gf
  2. Here's my dog, Emily.
    $Happy Emily Dog Park 100412.jpg

    She's about 2 and a half, and just wonderful.

    Another, from a bit higher.


    She might need a haircut...
  3. Two of Chester (Chocolate Lab) & Two of Louie the cat:

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  4. xillion

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  5. PMT


    $2012-09-01_10-21-03_187(1).jpg $2012-09-10_20-27-34_508(1).jpg
  6. Here is one of my favorites of my two puppies: Pooh (the grey one) and Lulu (the red one):

  7. Argonaut

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    Big Charlie at 3 months, then 6 months.

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  8. Here's a couple of snapshots of our basset that I happened to have buried on my laptop. Not great pics, one's a phone photo), but you can see the change from when he's a puppy to just a week or two ago (He's 4 years old now). He thinks he's a lapdog (85lbs).

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  9. Here's Stanley my 10 year old Sun Conure.


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  10. Cuda. My Blue Heeler foster dog I had for a few weeks.


    My Cat Rosie

  11. [​IMG]

  12. $spookya.jpg



    $spookyspook.jpg Spooky the spook!
  13. Argonaut

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    Charlie at 8 months

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  14. [​IMG]

  15. I love my iPad and I hate my iPad!
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    This is Sampson, gone from our lives 2 weeks ago after 13 years of being a treasured member of our family. This picture was taken on our last day with him.

    Rest in peace, my old friend.

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  17. My condolences. This was taken on our lab's last day. May have been the worst day of our lives.

  18. $_facebook_-1939751294_.jpg

  19. Stunning shot!
  20. beautiful dog...what breed is this?

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