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  1. Hey guys, I want to get a straight, but really don't want to deal with honing and stropping yet. I was looking at the Parker SR1 Shavette style, and wanted to get a generic opinion, preferably from someone here who has used one, but hey, I'll take what I can get!

    I have been dE shaving for a few weeks with pretty good success (face and head, only three nicks as a newbie in an almost daily shave routine) so I want to ease into a straight... Thoughts? And if you were to ask why this model? It's cheap, and looks pretty cool... Might kill me, but it looks cool! :wink2:
  2. Do you do your head with a straight?
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    Universal shavette
  4. Nope. Have used Wilkinson Sword Extreme III on my head for many, many years. Have tried DE, SE, Gillette guard, other cartridges, even Headblade, but the WS is just quicker and easier. Never saw any reason to try straights there.
  5. I go with a DE in the dome, didn't even know if it was possible to get a good head shave with a straight.
  6. There are members on here who use Feather disposable blade types for head shaving. One guy (his name escapes me now) even shaves his eyelids with one!!
  7. Bluebriz, have you ever tried the Schick Xtreme 3, with flexible head? I find it works great on The Dome.

    To the OP, the Parker is a great disposable straight, just be sure to use it almost dead flat against your face for best results. Trying for a "30 degree" angle will lead to pain and blood.
  8. Yes, that's the one I mentioned above. In the UK where I buy them they're made by WS, not Schick, or at least branded as such.

  9. In the UK?

    I thought you were in Japan? Japan is actually where I first tried out the Schick xtreme3. They sell them all over the place over there. I'm headed for Japan next week as a matter of fact. I may try out one of the multi blade KAI or Feather carts.
  10. I have a Parker SR1 (stainless steel scales) that I use on trips. I picked it up when I was first starting out with straights. Nice thing about it is that it uses DE blades, which are commonly available and which you can use with your safety razor as well. At first, I would cut myself pretty easily with the blade as I didn't have my blade angle and technique down. After using a straight exclusively for around 2-1/2 years now, I don't cut myself anymore with it. For the price, I would say it's pretty good about getting the ergonomics of handling a straight down, although the thinness of the shank reminds me more of a frameback. Big difference is that you cannot use pressure with the blade as you can with a straight (not that you should be using pressure with a straight for starters anyway). Keep the spine as close to your face as possible and you should do okay. For the $15-$20 I paid for, I think it's been worthwhile.

    Edit: I did not see the head-shaving remark. I don't have an opinion here, as I don't shave my head, but my sense is that the Parker SR1 may not be the best razor to use here.
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  11. I love to use my Feather DX. For me, using that with the Feather Pro Super blades...that is the closest you can get to using a straight, yet not using a straight.
  12. I'm in Japan. I always stock up when I go home because I've never seen them here. I've seen a similar one with a very different handle I think, but not the same.

    I've never tried the multi-blade carts here though.
  13. I use a Parker sr1 for most of my shaves. Slam half a feather de in there and it's BBS all the way!
    Scales can be crushed slightly in delivery and you get occasional horror stories of the blade being jammed into the scales as well. Both are easily resolved with a bit of gentle persuasion and some pliers!
    its a nice weight, holds the blades good and tight and gives a good shave.
  14. That Feather, and any disposable blade straight, is still a straight razor. Keep in mind that a "regular" straight and a disposable blade straight are both open blade razors.

    As one who uses disposable blade straights, I've found any of the Psrker's to be excellent razors.
  15. Very true. Differentiating by saying regular straight or disposable blade straight is a better idea. The mechanics of use are the same after all.

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