Okay, time to put together a "soap collection"...Any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by GarageBoy, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Okay, I just want a small assortment of soaps that lather well (nice and slick)
    I have easy (local) access to

    DR Harris
    Mitchell Wool Fat

    and I'll probably end up with all 3

    Reading a buncha reviews, I've decided against Trumpers and I've already transferred my puck of Williams into hand washing duty.

    Note: I currently am a cream only guy, with DR Harris Almond, TOBS Rose and Toms of Maine

  2. I have all three soaps you mentioned and I enjoy using them all. I find that DR Harris Arlington gives me the best shaves while Mitchells offers the best skincare, and tabac is an all around good soap. Why have you decided against Trumpers? I find their coconut soap to be just as good as these other ones.
  3. T&H soap is great. Consider picking up one of Mama Bears many varieties.
  4. Yes, QED soaps and Mama Bears are probably nice, but I want to start off with something I can just go to a store and buy
  5. htownmmm

    htownmmm Moderator Emeritus

    Then the 3 you mentioned in your initial post will fit the bill.

  6. Yep. But, I will still throw in a recommendation for HoneyBee Spa Soap.

  7. Go with MWF. I used to swear by Tabac now I use nothing but MWF.
  8. Phog Allen

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    Hello Garageboy. May I add another to your list? I would REALLY consider one of the French soaps. I am as a big a Anglophile as anyone around despite my signature line. I cannot in good conscience pass over our Froggy friends. At least not the shaving toiletries. Provence Sante(scent is quite powdery) is top shelf. It takes second place to none. Pre de Provence and Institut Karite are super as well. I wholeheartedly agree with your initial lineup but please, do not overlook the French soaps. I am limiting this to milled type soaps. The melt and pours are another thing and I champion QED unabashedly in that regard.

    Regards, Todd
  9. Go for the Woolfat.

    If you have a C&E locally, I personally love the Sienna soap (and it is triple milled).

    The T&H Luxury Soap is also a great soap.

    I know you want something available locally, but you really should consider one of the QED soaps. They are, quite simply, amazing. Strong scented with essential oils, these give me lather equal to most triple milled soaps. The chocolate shave stick is shaving at its most exquisite!
  10. GarageBoy --

    I'll add a recommendation for the HBS soap. It performs well beyond it's price point and gives about the best skincare of any soap.

    I'd also consider the Provence Sante, which gives a lush, soft lather and a great shave. I consider it the top of the heap.

    -- John Gehman
  11. Okay, I'll pick up the first three locally and accumulate

    Are AOS soaps worth getting?

    I'll probably end up with one from everywhere (I mean, the boutique soaps are not that expensive, it's just that I hate paying shipping for one item)
  12. Yes! The Sandalwood's my favorite, but mileage naturally varies on scents.

    If you start off with Harris, Tabac and MWF, supplemented by some of the boutique soaps, you'll be in great shape. But, I really, really do like AOS Sandalwood, and although your three soaps would be the finalists, I'd probably go with the AOS on a desert island. (But, that's probably because my wife likes me to use it... :blushing: )

    So far as the boutique makers go, I'll throw another unsolicited endorsement in for HBS, which I agree performs well above its price point; though all the boutique makers--HBS, Mama Bear, SCS, QED--deservingly have their fans.
  13. :cool:I have tried over 40 soaps IMO I would go for
    four soaps. Honeybee Spa great and cheap,from the
    U.S.A.One French shea butter soap.Cella from Italy.
    Also Williams for a buck as a hard travel soap.This world
    soap tour should cost about 40 bucks.
  14. Two words:

    1. provence
    2. sante

    Fabulous lather/lubrication...and cheap too.
  15. +1. Give Col Conk soaps a try. Cheap and good.
  16. If you have a L'Occitane nearby, their soap would be worth a try.
  17. Whoa...soo much to choose from
    I'd love to try them all and trial and error..but I guess I'll start with DR Harris Arlington and TABAC. Then I'll get the QED. (unless someone has a MUST try)
  18. AOS soap is good stuff but a little pricey. Mama Bear soaps are awesome, especially the rosemary mint.
  19. I haven't tried everything (yet) but for the price, Honeybee soaps are a sure bet.

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