Oiled leather shoes?

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  1. Got this new pair of Sketchers Rubicon hiking shoes in brown, and the uppers seem to be made from oiled leather. I have never had oiled leather shoes (only nubuck), how should I take care of them? The Sketchers website listing (http://www.skechers.com/style/62392/rubicon/brn) says to "apply a waterproofing spray to leather before wearing in wet conditions"? I have some Woly Protector spray, will it work? What confuses me a bit is that if these are indeed oiled leather, wouldn't simply leather oil suffice for treatment? :confused1

    Perhaps the spary thing refers to the lower upper and heel area which looks a bit different from the oiled upper (which is shiny). These look more like nubuck really?
  2. I've had a pair of sketchers midnight citywalks for 3 years now. When I got them they had a tag that said they were oiled leather and to be careful that it doesn't stain your pants. I just use regular black shoe polish (the waxy kind in a can) and it keeps them nice.

    REI has an article on caring for hiking boots that might be helpful
  3. The oiled part is more of a look/effect than a rain-resistant treatment, as far as I'm aware. I got a pair of oiled shoes many years ago and nothing I could do to them would change the look- I was asked to by my employer as he wanted me in shiny shoes but it just wasn't happening. This was good for a pair of shoes, because it made them very low maintenance and hardwearing. I'd stick some Nikwax on them and then forget about them.
  4. Thanks gents, looks like they will accept most regular stuff then? I will look up some suitable brown stuff for them maybe try that protective spray. I noticed in local market some cream (or 'grease') type product some of which seem to contain beeswax and they're mostly colourless, so not like your regular polish. Maybe these would do the trick?
  5. TBH the only product I'd recommend for them is "Nikwax for Hiking Boots", or pure beeswax if you can find it, but even then I think Nikwax might be better for this. This is the only thing I'm sure will be ok, not having seen the shoes.
  6. Nikwax maybe mink oil

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