OH MAN! The razor finding gods were with me today! WooooHoooo! PIC HEAVY

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  1. So....

    I've been paying my dues alot lately. Hitting antique stores, flea markets etc etc and I've been doing ok. Nothing crazy rare, but certainly my fair share of great fatboys, slims, olds, news and techs.

    I've mostly been dreaming of finding a minty WWI military issue khaki set or a double ring - don't we all have our dream finds?

    Anyways, prowling through an online classifieds site I found a mom and pop antique shop advertising straights. On a whim I emailed asking if they had any DE's as well. They responded that they did have quite a bunch, and sent me the following two pictures - I then highlighted the few (the white circles) that I was interested in, not knowing for sure what a couple were, but they looked good so I picked them.

    $rob1.jpg $rob2.jpg

    Do you guys see it yet? I did not, until they picked out my selection and sent me the following picture to confirm my selection, and give me a price of around $100 for all 6 (I dropped the SE GEM - thought it was something else)


    Still don't see it? How about now :)


    All 6 are now on their way to me.... I'm feeling very very good about this score!
  2. So what is it?
  3. Eclipse Red Ring. Quite hard to find and pretty expensive when you do. Looks in good condition as well, though likely in need of a good cleaning.
  4. Nice haul, you did well.
  5. Oh yeah. I saw it right away, once they separated the razors you chose. Looks like several nice scores, but the Eclipse is a real find. Congrats.
  6. Saawweeeeeett! Nice find.
  7. wow!..red ring!!..holy rare razor!...enjoy em all bud
  8. Nice find!!
  9. red ring and a rocket very nice.
  10. Razor Heaven, Wow.
  11. The Red Ring alone is worth the price of admission.
    Well done.
    -- Chet
  12. Congratulations. Would love to find a Red Ring like that. Enjoy.
  13. I would go back for those lather catchers if they aren't insanely expensive
    It also looks like there is a Gem Damaskeene with case in there.
    In case you don't know which Gem I'm talking about, they look like this.
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  14. +1 Amish . . . I was thinking the same thing!
  15. bakerbarber

    bakerbarber Contributor


    nice ECLIPSE!!
  16. What would be a good price for the Damaskeene? I have not looked into any SE razors... Yet.
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  17. No idea what it should be worth. Not even sure it is what I think it is. The case is different from mine, and the Damaskeene did come in both open and closed comb. If memory serves I think I paid around 50 for mine, which I thought was a deal based on condition and rarity.
  18. Thanks - I have higher resolution images of them all - it is indeed a Damaskeene and it looks quite minty. Wondering if I should grab more...

    They told me they bought these all from a barber's estate who had moved into a retirement home.
  19. You could probably pick them all up, move them on the BST if you want. PIF some.
  20. Congrats, the Eclipse looks awesome!

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