no more "non plus" trac II's??

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  1. had puchased a bunch of the personna trac II WITHOUT the pesky, for me, lube strip from razors direct. saw they were no longer listed and inquired about future availability. just told "they are no longer being manufactured!!!"
    omg...what to do???? most sites only carry the lube strip version, from various anonymous manufacturers.
    any suggestions?? john
  2. It's easy enough to cut the lube strip off with a razor blade.
  3. That's what I do with the goo strip. The lube strip feels like greased up snot sliding around on my face (or at least what I imagine it would feel like). :lol:
  4. Check ebay, I've seen a seller advertising blades with "NO LUBE."
  5. Try explaining how greased up snot helps your shave in ten words or less :lol:
  6. +1 That's what I do.
  7. It doesn't. It gunks up the razor. :tongue_sm
  8. removing the lube strip isn't a practical alt. for me, tho i'm surprised that it is for several of the posters.
    i'll check out ebay, thanks
    an ebay seller going by the name of " dr. idiot(?)" sells non lube cartridges at a fair price but the mfr. isn't named and i wonder about the quality. also, his stuff ships from singapore, with all that entails.
    anyone have experience with him???
    thanks, all. jr/john
  9. He is a highly respected vendor around here.
    He is located right here in the vendor corner forum.
  10. To be perfectly honest, for the Wilkinson TracII clones at Wal-mart, I can't even tell that the lube strip is there. At least compared to the Gillettes, which strips turn into a stringy, yucky, goopy mess.

    Just sayin'.. give 'em a try before you go running around looking for discontinued non-stip carts.
  11. to get the strip off .. i just soak the razor in warm water for 45min or so and then use a small knife and it just peels right off.
  12. +1. The lube strip on the Wilkys is non-obtrusive.
  13. greased up snot to me
    leaves my face feeling funky
    I hate King Gillette

    Oh, wait- you said 10 words or less, not haiku.

    on edit- changed "Lord" to "King"- not sure how I screwed that up.
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  14. Haiku works :001_smile
  15. StuMcB

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    Just used the dridiot trac/ GII clone with 5 blades none lube, the blades were super max platinum coated. Good shave saved the shave for me. Very good postage and very cheap to the UK.
  16. ok...thanks all. love the dialogue here. such a diverse and experienced pool of information, advice AND poetry!!
    will check walmart...mine didn't carry those wilkinson trac ii's when last there.
    dr idiot now appears to be an excellent alternative.
  17. I found 50ish Twin II carts sans snot strip in the shave den this morning that I'm not going to use. PM me your address and I'll send them to you.
  18. p.m. sent. thank you!! john

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