Newest turned brush. My favorite to date! [PICS]

Discussion in 'Brush Making and Restorations' started by AceByTerror, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. So I've been sitting on this awesome 22mm best badger short loft knot for while. I picked this knot specifically for myself and have been waiting for the right handle I turn to hold it.

    That day came yesterday - very pleased with how this red oak handle came out. Some light texturing and for a change a light black stained band to give it some uniqueness.

    This is actually the first non-restore I've actually glued my own knot into :) I've been turning handles and giving them away and making some for friends, but this is the first I've added to my own rotation. Hopefully the first of many!

    Cheers all!


    $b1.jpg $b2.jpg
  2. Very beautiful handle there. Where do you get your wood for your handles?
  3. Sweet! A very fine looking brush.
  4. Whoa! That is incredible. It appears to have carvings. Is that true? If so, were they all done by hand?

    Awesome work, I REALLY like that!
  5. Wow! Impressive to say the least! That thing is a work of art!
  6. Thanks - yes there are carvings in there, but not by hand. Used texturing tools while spinning on the lathe.

    Thanks - I get much of the finer wood at this place - it's about a 45 minute drive from where I live so I grab a bunch at a time. LOTs of great stuff there. Burlington, Ontario Canada
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  7. Wow... that is one heck of a brush. :drool: Very well done! Now send me one :wink2:
  8. I'm planning on turning some olive wood in similar styles over the next few days. I thought I might put a couple on the BST, maybe some on eBay.

    A few questions for you fine folks.

    1. What do you think a fair price would be to ask for a handle such as these?
    2. Do you think it better to sell with knots, or just handles?
    3. What is the most common preferred knot size? I'm thinking 22mm?

    Thanks all!

  9. Please let me know if you do! I'd love to have something like that. As far as a price, I'm hesitant to make a suggestion because I don't know what kind of work goes into something like this, or your cost for materials. Personally I'd like to get just the handle and put my own knot in, but there would probably be more appeal to others as a ready to use brush.

    Whatever you end up doing, please let me know when they're ready, as I REALLY like that handle :thumbup:
  10. Very nice!
  11. I don't know what the appropriate cost is, considering your time and labour, but I would love to get one. I would probably opt for a pre-set knot, but preferably with the opportunity to select a knot. Love the design.
  12. maxman

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    I really like them. Nice work!
  13. very nice
  14. Wow - that's a beauty.
  15. I think a preset knot would be more attractive to most people (not the people who frequent this particular forum, of course).

    What price were you considering? Please feel free to tell me to mind my own ding-danged business if that is an inappropriate question on an open board.
  16. Wow!!! That handle is absolutely beautiful! Great job, makes me wish I had the talent to do something similar. I also would be interested in picking one up with the option to pick a knot to be preset.
  17. Fantastic job. Kudos.
  18. SOS


  19. Beautiful handle! I certainly think you could sell them easily. 22-24mm would be the knot size range, I think, though simply offering to custom drill them for depth and width may be the best route, as different people like different sizes. Pricing is a bit tougher, IMHO. I don't have a huge amount of experience with brush handles per-se, but with the things that I do the wood choices can make a HUGE difference in pricing. From my perspective, I'd have a rather 'set' price for the labor on a basic brush, and then mentally add the time difference for additional decoration / customization PLUS the price of the materials involved. Your time and craftsmanship are valuable, and from the look of this darned well worth it.
  20. Don't mind commenting at all. :biggrin1: That's part of what I'm trying to sort out. I love making these things, but unless I'm moving them out the door and somebody is enjoying them it's not as fun of course.

    I'd say materials costs vary from maybe $10 to $20 factoring in finishing and other related items. That's for the handle only. Factor in a knot and I guess that would add somewhere around $15-$35 more depending on knot and size. My time in making one goes from 1 to 3 hours for most handles I'd say.

    I was thinking somewhere around $30-$50 +shipping for handles - maybe $50 to $80 +shipping with certain knots?

    I guess I'd have to see what the demand and market is up for.

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