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Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by Risky, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone. I stumbled my way here from Leisureguy's blog.

    Total noob to DE razor shaving but had my first 'real' shave this morning and was seriously impressed with the result. No nicks and the closest shave I've ever had with no irritation at all. My Fusion Power was quickly handed away to my father-in-law.:thumbup:

    Attached is a picture of my current setup. Futur is loaded with Merkur blades but I'm looking to try Gillette since I can get hold of them so easily.

    In the future (Read: Once the Kent soap is all gone) I'm going to try the L'Occitane since I love their stuff, then onto the Trumpers Rose or Violet.

    My question though is regarding the brush. The one pictured came with the Kent soap. It's not Kent branded and I think it's hog hair. Either way it builds lather OK but it's prickly and I've got sensitive skin so I'd like something softer.:thumbdown

    I won't be switching off hard soap and I lather in a bowl.

    Can anyone recommend a good noob-friendly brush for this kind of setup? :confused:

    Ideally I'd like to spend no more than £50 ($98), £60 ($118) tops.*

    Any help, tips or advice would be most welcome.

    * Conversion correct at time of going to press :biggrin:
  2. Hey, Risky!

    Nice to have you on board. That brush doesn't look like a badger brush - looks like a boar brush to me.

    You should have a look at Edwin Jagger brushes, they are pretty good quality: For the amount you want to use you obviously could go for a silvertip brush. Silvertips are the best (and softest) followed by super badger and pure/best badger. Other popular brushes I would recommend are Shavemac and Simpson.

    Also, have a look at the brush reviews.

    Btw, I study in Scotland, great place to be!

  3. Jim

    Jim Moderator


    Welcome to the B&B!

    Your rig looks good , The Kent soap is actually Mitchell's famous wool fat soap that is highly regarded here.

    You have many choices for a silver tip badger brush in your price range, Seville row @ QED, Shavemac or Kent all come to mind.

    Check out the review tab at the top of the page for more ideas.
  4. Risky --

    I'lll second what VincentL posted above. Sounds like you're making a nice transition; exciting, isn't it? Good first post, Welcome aboard to B&B...

    There are some excellent materials here at B&B to learn from in your new shaving adventure. Read Leisureguy's shave blog, and view the shaving videos that Mantic has uploaded to YouTube on the net. Also, at the top of this forum, there are two entries by Kyle that have been 'stickied' or 'pinned' that are well worth your time reviewing.

    Stick around and post some...

    -- John Gehman
  5. Risky,
    Welcome to B&B. Glad you found us, your now home. I will vouch for both Saville Row and Shavemac silvertip brushes, I have and love both. If you order either try also getting some Tabac soap, best lubrication and glide of anything I have tried. Great folks on this forum, great information, and great advice when you want it. Happy Shaving.
  6. Cheerio, Risky!

    Great first experience! I'll second the EJ Brush recommendation. :thumbup1:

    You'll like it here on B&B... it's a fantastic group!

    See you around the board! :badger:

  7. Thanks for the tips and the warm welcome.

    I'm sold on this Edwin Jagger after reading a very good review of it in the reviews section.

    Goosemeplease: Thank you for that useful piece about the Kent soap. I quite like it, and it's very cheap. I'm just not particularly fond of the smell that the brush gets left with. Probably more due to it being boar or whatever it's made of.
  8. Hi Risky (from an exiled Scot :biggrin1: ).

    I got this Edwin Jagger brush from the English Shaving Company, and I swear by it. I know it says it's small size but it's plenty big enough for me and treats my sensitive skin with the care I need.

    Whatever you choose, I don' think you'll go wrong with the Edwin Jaggers.

    Let me know how the Trumpers Violet goes, as that's next in line for my cream purchases. I've got the Trumpers Coconut Oil and think it's a superb cream.
  9. Hi Risky

    Welcome to B&B :)

  10. Hello Risky,

    If you had Kent soap and brush as a set off ebay then it is a Kent bristle brush

    Best of luck in your shaving journey

  11. Yeah that's the one.
  12. looking at the 'gold ring' thats probably a Kent V70 or V80 and it's hog bristle same as mine.

    L'Occitane is great shaving soap and lathers realy nicely and thickly - which is why I keep with it :biggrin:
  13. Hi Risky. Welcome to the wet shave asylum. :tongue_sm That's a nice set there, with a proper badger brush I foresee much happiness.

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