Newbie check in Gillette 38-45??

Discussion in 'Shave Clinic & Newbie Check-In' started by TDISD, May 29, 2012.

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    Hey Guys Im a Newbie from South Dakota. Got a badger brush, soap puck, and mug from Target. Then orderd a Lord L6 blade, variety pack, and some proraso pre shave off the internet (can't wait for it to get here!) so today we stoped in an antique store and I found this old Gillette 3 peice stuffed on the back shelf. So with a little research looks like its a 1938-45 tech stet... ? Gave $15 for the whole works

    Is this right?
    How does it shave?
    Did I get a decent deal?

    Been lurking on this forum for about 6 months. Finally got fed up with razor burn. hope this will help. first DE wet shave will be tomarrow morning :)
    Love all the information on this forum you guys are great.
  2. Welcome to the group !! The Tech is a great shaver. Very mild and easy to use.. I would say you got a very good deal.
  3. Fat Handled tech with the triangular cut outs is a great little razor. Very smooth, very mild, but easily gives BBS with a good technique. That one should clean up nice and seems in good condition, so you most likely got a good deal. Best of shaving.
  4. The diamond cut outs are nicer than the regular slots, IMHO. The diamonds let the lather and shaved beard hairs pass through rather than building up in the slots like sometimes happens with the parallel sided slot. Great stuff!
  5. Thanks for your quick reply's. will be excited to throw on a shave in the a.m
  6. I use the same razor regularly and it works great!
  7. Welcome Aboard!! That's a nice Fat Handle Tech set. I think you got a great deal on the razor. It's a mild shaver, but it is effective.
  8. Welcome!
  9. Update. Shaved first two days first shave went quite well. Second shave was horrible think I got a little bit agressive. Lots of razor burn, but no nicks. going to let things heal up a bit and give it another go! got super sensitive skin thought. got some crew post shave cream and some crew pre-shave oil. will see how things go.
  10. nemo

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    Nice Gillette tech razor but I hope you weren't using those old PAL blades! The edge has likely deteriorated over the years, use some new blades and hopefully better results ... Don't give up, practice makes perfect!
  11. no i set the PAL blades on the shelf for decoration :) I got a sampler pack and have been using the derby blades (I know everyone says there junk but dont want to jump in to the feathers quite yet). Figured that I would give the Derbys one more shave if it doesnt work out I will be trying the Shark or Blue.
  12. Remember, you basically should let the weight of the razor do the work, especially on the WTG pass. Then use only enough pressure to feel the safety comb on your face for any other passes. Check the correct angle of the razor by listening to how it's cutting and adjust when needed, but keep light pressure, for sure, for sure. BTW, those Derby blades work well for many people. If you can, try some Teflon coated blades. It can make a big difference too.

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