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  1. Hi Everybody,

    I found this forum a few days ago.

    I have been wet shaving with a Parker DE for about 5 months (I got tired of paying way too much for those 3 and 5 blade razors).

    I just bought my first Gillette razors off of Ebay and would appreciate any suggestions on how to restore them. A link to them is here. I am also not really sure what I got. I will post some more pictures once I get my hands on them.

    I also haven't really tried any other blades than the ones that came with my razor. Any suggestions there? I know I should probably get a sampler pack.

  2. Andrew;

    Welcome to B&B, very good to have you with us. I can offer you no help on restoration, sorry. I would suggest that you visit the vendor's here and buy yourself a sampler pack. Looking forward to viewing the pics.

    Hope you have a great day.
  3. Welcome aboard!

    +1 on the sample pack.
  4. Hi Andrew,

    Welcome! It looks like you got a black tip Super Speed (I have one made in 1951) and a Super Adjustable. They should be nice razors for you. I love my black tip SS. My current favorite blade is the Astra SP, but I'm working my way through a sample pack right now.
  5. Welcome Aboard!
  6. Good to have you with us, Andrewg !
  7. Welcome to B&B!:thumbup1:
  8. Hello Andrew, and welcome.
  9. Welcome to B&B !!
  10. lownslow58

    lownslow58 Contributor

    Welcome, and enjoy. I am sure you will find any answers to your questions on here , lots of great reading and advice..
  11. Welcome and congrats on picking up some good vintage Gillette razors. Cleaning them should not be too hard. be sure to check the link to the maintenance part of the wiki that mblakele linked to. its full of good info.

    Get some scrubbing bubbles. soak them for a few hours in hot soapy water. you can pour boiling water over them in a container but do not boil the razors themselves in a pot as the bottom of the pot gets too hot and you will damage your razors. avoid vinegar, it will eat away any plating and damage the metal.

    after the water soak, use scrubbing bubble and a toothbrush to clean the razors. they wont rust themselves but may have picked up some surface rust from old blades, as well as normal soap scum build up. avoid using the scrubbing bubbles on the adjustable since it isnt friendly to the lacquer on the gold plate, and it may remove the paint on the numbers. just stick with soapy water for that one. you want to avoid harsh abrasives like brasso if you want to keep the plating. Maas is recommended a lot here but i have no experience with it.

    Personally i love vintage Gillette razors. I hope you enjoy them.
  12. Welcome, Andrewj ! Can't help on restoring razors. But a sampler pack of blades is a good idea. Razor Blades And More has several packs to choose from. Out of the sampler pack, the Israeli red Persona Blades and the Astra Blades get good comments.
  13. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I picked up a blade sampler pack and it just arrived.

    The razors came in on Wednesday. They didn't look that bad to start out. I will try to take the after pictures (soak in hot water and soap) tonight and post them.

    Black Tip SS

    $IMG_0701.JPG $IMG_0702.JPG $IMG_0705.JPG $IMG_0709.JPG
  14. Gold Super Adjustable
    $IMG_0710.JPG $IMG_0714.JPG $IMG_0717.JPG $IMG_0716.JPG
  15. Welcome aboard the good ship B&B. Take a stroll on the promenade deck and enjoy the voyage. :thumbup1:

    Always remember, relax but be vigilant when you shave!

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