New Taylor Of Old Bond Street Cream!

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  1. Taylor of Old bond Street have just released a new shaving cream,
    The Jermyn Street Shaving collection shaving cream for sensitive skin.
    Here it is on their website:

    Here are the ingredients:
    Aqua, Stearic acid, Myristic acid, Pottassium Hydroxide, Coconut acid, Glycerin, Triethanolamine, Theobroma Cacao (cocoa) seed butter, Parfum, Sodium hydroxide, Bisabolol.

    Apparently Taylor's is removing all of the parabens from all of their shaving creams. They will be doing this slowly as not to ruin the consistency of their current shaving creams.
  2. I wonder if that will change the consistency of the brand overall. I've never used TOBS, but now would seem to be a good time if they are changing the formulas around.
  3. I hope not, as I love TOBS. My favorite "luxury" cream.

    I wonder what this new one smells like? Parfum is in the ingredients list, so I guess it's not unscented (as you'd think a "sensitive" cream would be).
  4. Interesting....TOBS is my only cream (mostly a soap guy) and I use it for travelling. Hope this doesn't screw up their product in the long run!
  5. I'd be willing to be they have a plan and/or ingredient substitute to maintain the product quality.
  6. What's the big deal with parabens anyway? Proraso/Omega is loaded with them. Are they bad for skin?
  7. gdc


    They are commonly used preservatives in the cosmetics industry. See, which includes a section on some concerns that have been raised with their use. Some lines of products that are labelled as 'sensitive' or 'natural' avoid using them. I personally have no concerns.
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  8. I wonder too, did they just rename their hypoallergenic cream to a more "British" name?
  9. You are a suspicious and cynical man. :tongue_sm

    And you may be exactly right.
  10. I've just looked at my tub of the old style TOBS shaving cream for sensitive skin, and the ingredients are quite different from those listed above.
  11. i have almond and avacado
    i dont have snsetive sking so i will not buy it
  12. Anyone had a chance to try this yet?
  13. I just received a sample tub of the Jermyn Street Collection shaving cream with my latest order from Taylor that arrived today. It has a very nice fresh scent, which I can't quite pin down, although it does remind me of Febreze. I haven't shaved with it yet, but the test run that I did in my Sara's Lather Bowl produced a reasonably good amount of rich lather, considering the water quality we have here at the shop and the fact that we have only cold.

    I'll follow-up with another report after the first shave. If all goes well, I'll probably place an order for the stuff next week. Having been burned with new products in the past and being a little sensitive to the way you guys react to any hint of "REFORMLULATION" (OMG!!!!!), I wanted to try it out before ordering.
  14. I think its a bit cheeky of them to charge £2 more for a sensitive skin shaving cream, they should all be the same price.
  15. Have read the posts for a year but first post...
    Just wanted to say I've used this new one for over a week (it was only launched two-three weeks ago) and, trust me, it's every bit as good as the regular ones like Rose, Avocado, Almond etc. The scent is great, but the shave is probably better that the rest once you get the water right.
    The gentleman in Taylors said the scent drags them into the 20th century :biggrin: Shame they're a century behind everyone else! Indeed, it is a modern scent and very moreish. It's the kind of scent you want to smell every time you go into the bathroom... The shave is very slick, very good for touch-ups. Highly recommended.
  16. Sorry for the late follow-up. I have shaved with this cream twice now and really like it. IMO, it compares favorably to the other Taylor creams, perhaps better than some I have used in the past. While the lubrication and cushion did not place it in the ranks of a "premium" product, I found it to be very good for its price point. Also, being one who has a history of sensitivity to certain products, the fact that this cream contains no parabens is a plus. I have placed a stocking order with Taylor for this product and hope to have it available soon.
  17. I have been using this cream a few times and will echo what Jim has said. I think everyone will be pleased. It is nice to be able to offer a non-paraben product with a name like Taylors.

    The scent is difficult to pin down - I think it is a mild woodsy scent, but fairly ambiguous. I would like to get some other opinions of it.

    Anyway, we have it in stock and it is up on our site. I have also begun to add it to the TOBS sample packs.

  18. Since you've changed your avatar, I now have Christopher Walken narrating your posts in my head. :lol:

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