New Prada Line: Steampunk

Discussion in 'The Haberdashery' started by jlanger, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    It looks good, but I wouldn't wear it. If you can pull that style off, more power to you.

    And they named it wrong. That's not Steampunk. Maybe call it "Retro" or "Vintage" or "Historical" or "Tradional."

    THIS is the Steampunk look.





  2. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    After many years, I have finally found a style that does not make women look sexy. I knew it had to exist.
  3. professorchaos

    professorchaos Moderator Emeritus

    No. Just no.

    You'd sooner see me in Jordache jeans with a mullet and high tops.
  4. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    That look would take a certain person to wear it.
    I'm not sure the average person can pull it off.
  5. As a guy I sometimes think its not fair how limited our wardrobes are (on the other side it does make shopping easy). However this look goes so far back it looks more like a costume than legitimate formal wear. I also agree its not steampunk its victorian.
  6. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    Yes, that's the word I was looking for. Edwardian might fit, too. It certainly seems British in nature. I can't imagine something like that associated with American, French, German or any other nationality of the 19th Century.
  7. Penelope Pitstop looks alright to me. :thumbup:

  8. Yeuch!
    So, the fact that the 'Fashion' World has run out of things to recycle does not deter them from making people look like buffoons?
    Whenever I get the chance, in a cafe or wherever, I look at Vogue specifically to see how bad it's got. Now I know.
  9. I dunno... I think it looks kinda hawt :wink:
    I miss my Jordache, high-tops, and having enough hair to sport a Camaro Mullet (and a '69 Camaro to put it in!)
    Definitely agreed on this... for both the Prada line and Steampunk.

    The theme behind Steampunk is "What if the future had happened sooner"

    Computer keyboards that look like the old Underwood that I learned to type on, rifles with muzzle brakes that could pass as candlestick holders, etc....
    Lots of fine wood, worn leather, and polished brass.
  10. M80

    M80 Contributor

    hell yeah!
  11. The lass with the green glasses too, does it for me, as the owner of an Edwardian era suit this is a touch over the top for my taste. However fair play to them I find jeans and a tee shirt a little boring really, expressing one's personality with a logo doesn't really do it for me.

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