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Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by Spade, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Solingen razors are usually good, if I understood the translation correctly. They would be quite cheap too (~$20US). They don't seem to specify the size of the razor. A 5/8 would be perfect to start with.

    Spike point or round point is a preference. I prefer round but some will prefer spike.

    I doubt that the razor will be shave ready, you can always ask if they have a honing service. You will also need a strop to get started.
  2. Thank you for the quick answer. They problem is that they have no honing service, this is a shop which sell mainly knives, swords, etc...
    Actually theres no honing serrvice in Hungary and no barbers at all:)
    So I have to do everything myself...I think that the shopkeeper has no clue what is a shave ready razor, cause last time I asked him about the straights and he told me that he never used a straight cause he doesnt want to cut down his ears:)
    I would like to ask, if I buy a razor like this which is quite cheap have I buy a strop as well for the first try, or better if I buy only the razor try it, then if I like buy the strop and the other things...
    The other thing is, if I buy a razor like this how long can I use it ? Maybe I should buy a more expensive and the cheap one is only wasting my money?
    Thanks !
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    if i were you i would buy a vintage shave ready razor on the bst here - that way you know it is good (im not sure I would trust the razors in your link to be good ones) and you get it shave ready.

    Then get a ruprazor filly strop for ~20.

    You can get one or two shaves without a strop, but then you need one. The good thing about the filly is that its pasted on the back so you can touch up your edge from time to time
  4. Luc

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    What Dunny said up here.

    You can find a second hand razor, shave ready on the buy/sell/trade section of this forum.

    None dependant on where you buy the razor, it needs to be shave ready. You don't need a hone straight away, there are other members here that offer the honing service.

    A strop is a must with the razor! If you strop the razor properly, you can go a few months without honing. Without a strop, the blade will get dull very quickly.
  5. If there's somebody in Hungary who sells a good and cheap second hand straight I'll buy it, but I'm afraid that there's not, and with the postal fee it's gona be much more expensive...
    So if I clearly understand that if I buy a new razor it's essential to strop it before use...The guy in the shop has some strop quite expensive about 45-50 bucks:
    But I'm afraid if I won't like to shave with the straight I just waste my money...I will look around in the mall maybe I'll find a good starter set, and I will ask the fee of shipping...
    Thank you for the help !!!
  6. Spade,
    Seeing that your coming from Hungary and the shipping costs are probably prohibitive to you, whereas to us, they aren't that much. Thus, your options are probably not too appealing. Let me know if I'm wrong.

    You can either tough it out and do it the hard way by teaching yourself to hone and not knowing exactly what a "scary sharp" blade feels like. Or, you can buy a shavette. The straight razor "like" tools that use disposable blades. That way you won't have to worry about sharpening the razor. The blades are probably really cheap too.

    Just something to think about. I highly doubt those razors you are showing us are any good. But...I can't read the language and the pictures are blurry and small. Actually, blurry and small pictures worry me too.
  7. Yes u r absolutely right. But I have no chance. I have to teach myself for the hone, cause I canno't find anybody who could hone a straight. I think I gonna try the honing method which is in the "interactive guide".
    I just don't want to buy a shavette cause it's not the same as a straight for me.
    I'll try to get further infos from these straights and will ask for ur opinion !
    Thanks Mate !
  8. Hmm, why not buy a honed razor here on the b/s/t section or the classifieds at straightrazorplace? it doesn't cost that much extra to send a razor internationally than to send it within US. Many sellers would ask for a bit extra, but some don't even do that.
    Strop is a bit harder, since it needs sturdier packaging and the weigh goes over 1lb, but I've sent probably between 10 and 20 such large packages 1st class international and there have not been any problems.
    I seem to remember an ebay seller from Hungary with some awesome razors. I think it was months ago though, one of the members scored them.
  9. You could try getting a razor from the UK? Shipping might not be too expensive. Try looking up n1elus a seller on ebay, he is also a member on here Neil Miller. He has shave ready straights at a great price and excellent hand made strops. I got my 1st straight and strop for about £50. Not sure what shipping to hungry would be, but would be worth it to know you are getting a good quality shave ready razor.
  10. Luc

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    As the other mentionned, I'm sure you could get a cheap straight, shave ready, that's a sure deal on this forum. A strop would be accessible too. There are starter kits. You are right to stay away from the shavette. A shavette is good but nothing like a real straight.
  11. Thanks for the help for everybody ! I gonna check the possibilities on the forum, I think it's much better to pay the extra price then dissapoint in the razor:)

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