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  1. So ive been looking for an antique scuttle for a while and finally found one thats exactly what i wanted. It has a pinup girl on the side and i can not find anything online about it and just want to make sure its not some fake production and has some actual history to it. Thanks.
    Heres the link (oh, no it's not) We don't do that there, thanks.
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  3. Ohh sorry. Well its a scuttle with a pin up girl on it. Has any one heard of this brand or have any info on it.
  4. [​IMG]

  5. its def cool looking but it doesnt look very practical for lather making
  6. Looked a bit small to me. I think you can spend your money on a better scuttle unless the naughty girl image has novelty value to you.
  7. yeah where's the lather go??
  8. Different type of scuttle. Only modern scuttles are used for making lather. These are used for holding a puck of soap at the top and keeping your brush warm. Fill it with water, load the puck that is on top and take it to your face.
  9. Yeah thats what i was thinking rickboone1. I just enjoy the pinup girl and havent seen before one so thats kinda why it caught my eye.
  10. Oh interesting, didn't know that there was an old kind.
  11. +1
  12. yep. that thing's got some years on it. scuttles aren't anything new at all.
  13. Looks like it'll heat up the puck better than the lather made from the puck though no?

    Seems like a really good way to soften a soap puck to be able to easily load it on the brush, but looks like it won't have all the benefits of a "traditional" scuttle.

    But I really wouldn't know....just from the look of where the puck goes....
  14. no idea. my guess is it was more of a 2 in 1 holder type thing. think, it used to be no hot water in the bathroom. no running water. heat water by kettle on the wood stove, pour into this scuttle, then take it to go shave.
  15. Curious how it works as a modern scuttle though, guess no one is chiming in with using one of these old versions...
  16. Lovely scuttle. I generate lather on top of a puck, so I could use this. This was probably quite daring and risque in its day. Quaint now.
    What did it go for? Is the auction over?
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  17. I'd put it on my face. :lol: :001_tt2: :a22:
  18. Oooh. Pretty cool. I just imagine greeting her with a "Good morning" before every shave! Looks similar to the Burleighware scuttle I have. Have you seen the bottom of it (the scuttle) yet?
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