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  1. I have been after a Nakayama Kiita, and finally was able to obtain this one. This will be my first experience with a Kiita stone. It looks so nice I don't want to lap it. :(

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  2. Do you want me to lap it? Just kidding :).
    What are the dimensions? Can you lap the other side?
  3. Looks nice, get lapping so you can tell us how she preforms!
  4. Wid


    Nice looking Jnat.
  5. I was just kidding... I'm probably going to lap it later this evening. I'm looking forward to using it. :001_smile

    *edit* Oh... it's 3x6-ish
  6. I thought maybe you wanted to keep the stamps in place. :)
  7. Hehe... I would have liked to... but such is the fate of stamps. I just lapped it nice and smooth. It has some faint, pretty designs on the surface. However, I did notice a small hairline crack in the side. I'm hoping that gluing it to a board will take care of that.

    Also, I doesn't produce the black slurry which I have read about with the Kiitas. I'm a little disappointed about that.
  8. I gave this stone a trial run tonight. I used it to re-finish one of my Filarmonicas, which probably needed a light touch-up. The feedback on this kiita was better than my asagi. I couldn't get a sense of how fast it is. I gave it the same routine I would use on my other jnats for a touch-up. Results were mixed. The edge was very mellow... almost felt like a plastic credit card scraping off my whiskers... however, I had a bit of light redness around my mouth and chin afterward, which is unusual for me. Not sure what is up with that... the shave itself felt really good. I will have to experiment further.

    *edit* I'm realizing now that I got a very close shave almost efortlessly. Maybe I was using too much pressure because of this? Any discussion is appreciated.
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  9. Drybonz
    One discussion I would like to have with you or anyone else is: with only moderate stropping on clean linen or leather, how long will the kiita edge you have right now last. One shave, 4,6, ?. Without refreshing the edge with the kiita or pastes or a charged strop exactly how many shaves can out get out of one honing. Alx
  10. I guess there is some other thread or experiment or something floating around here on that subject, but my experience is that my go-to razors will last with excellent service for at least 15+ shaves with only normal stropping before I feel the need to touch up. I could go to the hone sooner to touch up, but I don't find it compulsory.
  11. Alex, I can't really contribute directly regarding the kiita edge, specifically, since I just got this hone and haven't really had much time with it. I can say that, IMO, there are so many variables here, including toughness of beard, type of razor and steel, sharpening rotation and technique, that it is going to be very difficult for you to get any kind of meaningful answer to that question.
  12. I am 11 shaves into this experiment but with an Asagi stone
    I thought is was going to be 5-7, I'm up to 11
    Agree 100%, a lot of variables
  13. wish to hell mine would finally show up.....

    bought on the 14th... still waiting for it.....

  14. Not to mention people's level of OCD. :001_rolle
  15. Where'd you order from?

    I feel for you, though. I had sent something non-razor-related in to a small shop to be repaired. They mailed it back Friday last week... to an address they had on file from a year ago, not the one I gave them three times... At least the PO is going to return it to the sender.
  16. i ordered from 330mate off ebay.. and paid 7$ for "expedited shipping"..... they shipped it 7 days after my purchase and i am still freakin waiting......
  17. I thought the $7 shipping was the sorta-expedited shipping, not the for real expedited shipping he uses.
  18. I've waited 3 weeks for an expedited 330mate package.
  19. sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [/highjack]
  20. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    The longer the wait the better the stone :smile:

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