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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Mendel, May 10, 2012.

  1. Greetings from Mendel!

    Not knowing if I would win the Mystic Water sampler PIF in one of the threads, I weakened and ordered the Marrakesh shaving soap. For those of you that have espoused Mystic Water...I now believe! It has all the properties of a great soap - fragrance, latherability, slickness, cushioning, etc.

    Mystic Water's current offerings are:

    • Bay Rum
    • Cedar & Sage
    • Coconut
    • Coconut Lime Verbena
    • Lavender Lime
    • Lilac
    • Lily Of the Valley
    • Lime
    • Marrakesh
    • Mysore Sandalwood
    • Orange Vanilla
    • Prospect Creek
    • Sandalwood Rose
    • Unscented
    • Wild Lavender

    What Mystic Water soaps have you tried? What's your favorite? What would you like to see next from them? IMO, I feel Mystic Water has a good offering right now. In the near future, I would like to see shaving sticks, creams, and balms. Your thoughts?
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    Oooooh! I've been waiting for Lavender Lime AND it has menthol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :a50:
  3. I have tried Bay Rum, Cedar & Sage, Wild Lavender and Lily of the Valley. From a performance standpoint they are all the same soap with different scenting oils added.

    Mystic Water is tremendous soap which perhaps because of it's high grass-fed beef tallow content leaves a tremendous face feel. I like all of the scents that I've tried so far but it I had to pick one it would be either Bay Rum or Wild Lavender.
  4. I've tried samples of Lavender & Lime, & Mysore Sandalwood. Really good performer. I really liked the Lavender & Lime scent. The Sandalwood smells good too but I lean towards clean and citrus scents. Just wish that the water where I live wasn't so hard. I don't get overflowing bowl of lather liek some of the pictures and videos I've seen. Have you tried Mike's Natural soaps? I think they're on the same level as MW.
  5. The coconut is my favorite scent but they are all good and the performance is the same no matter which scent you choose.

    I love to see a leather scent. I would never use another soap if I could get a Knize 10 scented MW soap.
  6. Michelle makes amazing soap! i love her Bay Rum as it is intoxicating. Had a fellow member comment on how wonderul a brush i sold to him smelled and he wanted to buy the soap. It was, of course, Mystic Water Bay Rum! She has more than enough scents for now! Michelle is also working on a shave stick which i was fortunate enough to test the prototype. Hopefully, it will be coming out soon. Enjoy!
  7. I have tried these:
    Bay Rum
    Lily Of the Valley
    Mysore Sandalwood
    Prospect Creek
    Wild Lavender​

    I have, but have not tried, these:
    Cedar & Sage
    Lavender Lime
    Orange Vanilla
    Sandalwood Rose​

    I have not bought these, and probably won't:
    Coconut Lime Verbena

    My favorites have been Lily of the Valley & Prospect Creek and I bought full pucks of those. The only one I didn't care for was Marrakesh because of the patchouli oil.

    Coconut isn't my thing, but I may get the Coconut Lime Verbena sometime. I didn't know the lilac was ready! I'll have to get some of that at some point!
  8. I tried seven of em. Love the lavender and lavender lime. Liked the bay rum and cedar sage. Other ones were ok. Soap is a great performer and should be tried. With so many scents and such a reasonable price, try a bunch and you will find one you like for sure.
  9. I love the Lavender Lime which I bought as well as the Ceder & Sage (sample). I also bought Marrakesh and Orange Vanilla as well and although I am getting round to using them I like the smell of each of them. I also have samples of Coconut, Bay Rum, Mysore Sandalwood and Prospect Creek and the only one which dod not leap out at me was the Prospect creek, but that is a scent that I want to wait for spring (I'm in Australia so my seasons are reversed).

    I am very happy with these soaps, I don't think they will fall out of my rotation for some time.
  10. I like the smell of the Coconut sample Michelle sent me, but your suggestion of a leather scent is fantastic. just not sure this is available as a fragrant or essential oil.
  11. They have sticks. I have a lavender and lime stick.

    The story of how they got started with shaving soaps is the key to their awesomeness. Not enough businesses are closely engaged with their customers the way a small local business like Mystic Water does. Michelle's wonderful and her attitude is unbelievably amazing and there's a lot of love going into the soaps. I'm fortunate to have a good local soapmaker down the road where I live.
  12. I love her soaps! They are fantastic performers and the scents are great. My favorite is Coconut Lime Verbena and I also enjoy Wild Lavender, Lavender Lime, and Lime. Her Sunshine body soap is phenomenal too.
  13. Pottstown, eh?

    Phoenixville, here.
  14. Phoenixville...Phoenixville...where have I...Oh dear lord, That's where Seven Stars Inn is! That is like, my favorite restaurant in the world.

    I am a Valley Forge Military Academy grad and I always loved it when my family would come visit me and we would go to Seven Stars...what a great place.
  15. Ordered and today receive today three Mystic samples - mysore sandalwood, lily of the valley and wild lavender. Opened them up for a sniff and was interested that all of them have a musty soap smell, perhaps the tallow. Initial reaction is that neither the lily of the valley nor the lavender has a clean, fragrant scent because of that. Being used to Mysore Sandalwood bath soap, find the mysore sandalwood shaving soap smells a lot like it. Going to start my sampling in the morning with the sandalwood.
  16. I own full pucks of Wild Lavender and Coconut/Lime/Verbena. Both are excellent.

    I've tried samples of Wild Lavender, Lime, Lavender&Lime and Prospect Creek. They were also all excellent.

    My favorite scent, by a hair, is Wild Lavender. I haven't disliked any of them. Heck, I wouldn't even say I've been neutral on any of them, they all smelled good. I will probably be picking up a puck of Lime sometime in the future, and maybe Prospect Creek just to complete the Grooming Menthol Brigade with my peppermint shampoo, conditioner, and aftershave.

    I was a bit concerned about the CLV at first, because I don't like heavy coconut scents. When it came out of the package, it smelled mostly of coconut. Perhaps the lime volatilizes faster. Once the puck was broached, the coconut settled down and the lime and verbena took the stage. I used it yesterday, in fact.
  17. This soap is cutting fast and thin for me fellas. Nicks and weepers. I've got thick yogurt-like lather no problem. The aftercare and scents are amazing, but there is simply not enough blade protection.
  18. My first use this morning produced a disappointing lather, probably because of lack of familiarity. Lather was thin and watery despite using (what I thought) was a fairly dry brush. The mysore smelled very nice, rather like a weak (a good thing) C&S sandalwood cream. The tallow mustiness disappeared with lathering. Shave was okay, and face felt very nice afterwards. Will try again in the morning to see if I can do better on the lather.
  19. oh no....not again.

    this is one of those soaps that some have had no issues with, some can't lather it at all, and some spend test lather after test lather after test lather on trying to conqure it.

    my tips from my many test lathers have concluded this, buy YMMV....

    a) use warm water, not hot
    b) do not use a scuttle, unless it's a dry scuttle as the heat breaks it down very fast
    c) use lots and lots of product. i lather it like MWF and use 2x as much as i would with normal soaps/creams
    d) if you have a full tub, do as many test lathers as you need to get it to work
    e) if MW doesn't work, try QCS...similar consisntancy and post-shave feel, but easier to lather and does not break down in heat (Sorry Michelle & Mystic Water :blush:)
  20. Thanks for the tips! Will use warm water tomorrow instead of hot on my brush. I face lather so no scuttle is involved. Will try using more product, but thought I used a lot. Just have the samplers; not a full tub to try.

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