My Picks for the 2012 Academy Awards... :-D

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  1. I bet..."A Monkey to a Mouse Trap" (Churchill: A Life By Martin Gilbert, pg 701), A 'monkey' being a old British race track term for 500 and a 'mouse trap' is also a old British term for 1 sovereign = 500 to 1 odds, that the major Oscars will go to;

    Best Picture - "Hugo"


    George Clooney - Best Actor, for "The Descendants"


    Viola Davis - Best Actress - for "The Help"


    Christopher Plummer - Best Supporting Actor - for the "Beginners"


    Bérénice Bejo - Best Supporting Actress - for "The Artist"


    Martin Scorsese - Best Director - for "Hugo"

    Who do you think will win Oscar gold [​IMG]this Sunday, Feb 26, 2012 @ 7e / 4p? [​IMG]

    [​IMG] "A film is a [amazing] fountain of thought". Jean Cocteau
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  2. The Oscars are so political and preordained that few seem to be concerned outside of hollywood. I find that so sad too. The events of that one night could still be nail biting, Hollywood magic if they would allow it.

    Ill be watching whatever else is on or find a movie to watch. I can read 3.5 hours of program in 5 minutes online.
  3. My problem is that the show has been absolutely horrible for years. As in, not entertaining at all. The recent attempts to attract younger viewers have had awful results, culminating in last years historically bad show. James Franco and Anne Hathaway were terrible. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin before them were also terrible. (This is all my opinion, of course)

    I also don't like that they expanded the number of Best Picture nominees. Totally unnecessary (Yes, I know that years and years ago there were ten nominees). It always comes down to a battle between two, maybe three, movies. What's the point of having eight others? I'm not saying they should abandon five nominees, but, for instance, did anyone actually think 127 Hours might win last year? Or Inception? They just added those films to try to entice viewers.

    This would all be fine if it was actually working, but it isn't. They aren't attracting younger viewers and they're spoiling it for those of us who liked the old show that we grew up watching.

    Now, after all that griping, allow me to add: I'll be watching.
  4. Are they still doing this? Seams kind of pointless, giving out awards for movies that are artistic or socially relevant and yet still terrible, as opposed to movies that are just terrible.
  5. +1

    "The (Academy Award) ceremonies are a two-hour meat parade, a public display with contrived suspense for economic reasons."
    —George C. Scott, declining the Oscar for Best Actor, 1971
  6. Sal:
    + 1...maybe that's why veteran Oscar host Billy Crystal (he's hosted eight times before), will return on Sunday to usher in the Awards. In my opinion, it's a safe choice because Crystal is a reliable, familiar face who's well liked by his peers (not to mention he's funny too).

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  7. I'm thinking:

    Picture- The Artist
    Director - Scorsese
    Actor - Dujardin
    Supporting Actor - Plummer
    Actress - Davis
    Supporting Actress - Spencer

    I'm thinking that The Artist will clean house, but I guess we'll see. I can think of about five movies that were better made and less insulting than The Help that didn't get nominated, so it pains me to see those two talented women most likely gain such a career boost from caricatures. It was a great year for movies, all things considered, and it's a shame that things like Melancholia, Drive, and The Skin I Live In get overlooked in favor of the latest Judd Apatow junk.

    Popularity contest or no, I'll be happily watching like every year - and glad to see Billy Crystal back in the saddle.
  8. I didn't know Billy Crystal was hosting again. That's definitely a good thing. I really think they should just abandon this idea that they're going to expand to young people and cater to those who enjoy the glitz and glam of the past. They can modernize without overdoing it.

    I agree, to an extent, that the show is silly; and that giving out awards is silly. However, I love movies and the night is, to me, a celebration of movies. Also, whether it's silly or not, I enjoy seeing the happiness on the faces of the winners. There have been some moments of genuine emotional outpourings that are very touching. To know that these men and women are achieving something they've dreamed of, silly or not, since they were little children is lovely.
  9. My only hope is that billy crystal makes the butt of most jokes about the past failures of the academy in decision of the hosts since his last tenure.
  10. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    Isn't The Artist a b&w silent film? Who wins best actress? Lillian Gish?
  11. Hubba hubba.
  12. It's not just black and white and silent, it's French. Sacre bleu!

    You can't give Best Picture to a black and white, silent, French film and expect people under 25 to watch. They either have to cater to the audience that they have and have had for decades, or start handing out awards for Best Fight and Best Abs and Best Sex Scene.
  13. With the Tree of Life, Hugo, and The Artist in play this year, the Academy has three chances to get it right this year (since they ignored Melancholia).
  14. Yeah, but The Help just won at the SAG Awards and The Descendants is real popular, as well. I'm thinking The Artist will win, but, actually, this year it's pretty up in the air (no George Clooney pun intended).

    I've never forgiven the Academy for giving the award to Crash, but I won't even start on that.
  15. Crash was a chicken move. Brokeback was far and away the better film.
  16. Edit: Yes, I agree.
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  17. Billy Crystal is always funny. They could wheel in Crystal's corpse and get a better show than they did out of Franco.

    As for Do the Right Thing, the best picture nominees in 1988 were:

    Driving Miss Daisy - winner
    Field of Dreams
    Born on the 4th of July
    My Left Foot
    Dead Poets' Society

    Obviously, Daisy's not the best of that bunch. Field of Dreams and Dead Poets' are sentimental favorites for a lot of people, and Born on the 4th of July was our first look at Tom Cruise as a serious actor.

    But not a single film in that list was considered revolutionary, now or then.

    EDIT: I'm not sure why you redacted your post. It was nothing to be ashamed of.
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  18. I'm ticked off now. Has anyone heard what James Franco had done? He has informed the media that a close personal source with PriceCoopersWaterhouse has told him what the winners are for tomorrow and blatantly told the media what the winners are.

    The Academy should file charges against him if his predictions turn true. That really pisses me off. He's another example of what's wrong with Hollywood.
  19. DC:
    Wow...I didn't know that. What a douchebag (probally all because he was a such a failure and a 'bomb' hosting the 2012 Oscars)!!! :sneaky2:

    Can you send us the link for Franco's loud-mouthed predictions? [​IMG]

    [​IMG] "A film is a [amazing] fountain of thought". Jean Cocteau
  20. Strange, I've busted my butt trying to find it online and can't. We are in Dallas and they made a huge deal of it in the Dallas evenin news. Apparently he has a close contact with PCWH and blatantly leaked that the Artist was going to win best pic, and leaked all the other main award wins to the media.

    He is still a jerk, never liked him anyway.

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