My new limited edition Rooney style 3 small: what do you think?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by mistervee123, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. After the recent shaving brush design contest by deruitem, I started thinking about getting a new brush that was really different, possibly a custom brush--but then I came across some photos of limited edition Rooneys in "psychedelic colors." After a web search and a couple phone calls, I found only three brushes left from the production, here in the U.S. anyway. I decided on this orange-black swirl in Style 3 size small in what the salesman said was Rooney's "super silvertip."

    So far the brush is really nice, having the softest tips and best backbone of any of my brushes. It's amazing as a face lathering brush, but I also enjoy bowl lathering with small brushes, so I have a short stainless steel bowl for this purpose. This brush seems to require a little more cream for the same lathering results as my other brushes. I'm hoping the brush stays focused and tight as far as the knot goes. It has bloomed a little, but seems to be staying tight, not like my Chubby 1, but firm and nice.

    Here are some photos. Orange and black are more Bengals colors, even though I live in Brown's Town (The Mistake on the Lake, lovely Cleveland, Oh), but it's close enough to the right team colors...err...sort of. Being a creative, artistic sort, I tend to like bright colors like this anyway. Rooney made some other brushes in this LE that were more "cool" blues and greens that I may also have liked. Well, what do you think?

    $P1030033.jpg $P1030034.jpg $P1030038.jpg
  2. Thats a good lookin brush! The orange and black swirl is really kool. I have a Rooney 3/1 in Best and it is a great brush. Mine has stayed pretty tight, so hopefully yours will too. Great buy
  3. Nice!
  4. That is a COOL looking brush! Nice purchase
  5. Beautiful brush man! The handle looks like some sort of yummy boutique orange chocolate swirl treat. Dont eat it!
  6. I didn't care for some of their other psychedelic handles, but I like that orange-black swirl. I have a Rooney 3/1 in Coral from a couple of years back that is still a favorite. It's nice having at least one brush handle with some color.
  7. Groovy
  8. Nothing wrong with a Rooney! Use it in good health.
  9. I think its sweet!
  10. jazzguy

    jazzguy Contributor

    I dig it.
  11. Beautiful brush, I love that 2nd pic!
  12. Very nice. What kind of bowl is that in the second pic?
  14. I hate to admit it, but it's a small stainless steel pet bowl from Pet Supplies Plus. At only $5.00, it was a steal, and it works great.

    Here's the link for the manufacturer and product: Durapet Premium Stainless Steel Bowls.
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  15. Awesome idea, and with the rubberized bottom it shouldn't move on a wet surface.
  16. Good idea, indeed. :thumbup:
  17. Cincinnati Bengals fan?
  18. Very nice artistic handle on that brush. Not sure I would swap it with what I just got )
  19. I keep coming back to this thread to look at it. I really like that handle.

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