My five pass shave, WOW!

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  1. This evening I did something I thought was impossible with my fairly sensitive skin. Normally I shave in the morning but this time I decided to shave in the evening, mainly because I will not have much time tomorrow morning.

    Since I had plenty of time this evening I decided to go for a BBS shave (my normal routine is a one pass wtg shave just in order to look 'presentable' during the day).

    On the menu were;
    • Mühle pure badger brush
    • Merkur HD razor
    • Fresh Hema brand blade (Hema is a Dutch chain of department stores)
    • Taylor of Old Bond Street 'Rose' shaving cream
    • Sanex 'sensitive' ASB
    I started with a very thorough pre-shave preparation. First I made my face wet using warm water and my hands only, this took about three minutes. After that I lathered my face with my brush for another three minutes. Then I rubbed the lather in the pores with my fingers for two minutes. My pre-shave prep was completed by covering my face with a hot wet towel for four minutes (with the lather still on my face).

    After I had completed my pre-shave prep it took me five passes to get the BBS shave I was looking for (2 passes WTG, 1 pass XTG, 2 passes ATG). I finished by rinsing my face with cold water for three minutes after which I applied my ASB.

    The end result was amazing; a butter smooth skin with no nicks or cuts and hardly any irritation :w00t:. WOW!

    Gents, thanks a lot for all help over the last month, my shaves get better by the day because of you!
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    Congrats! Feel free to celebrate your great shave by taking the day off tomorrow (with a shave that close, who would notice?:biggrin:)

    Then again, you'd be depriving yourself of those great products you've collected...
  3. Congrats. I believe that at night gives you a closer shave than in the morning. Further more i have a theory that you beard grows when you are awake faster than when you sleep. I have yet to prove this however it seems to work well for me. Enjoy your evening shaves they are the best way to wind down.
  4. i allways shave in the evening about 8.30pm but then again i do work nights DOH:lol::lol::lol::lol:
  5. Congrats! I also thought I had sensitive skin but I can easily do 3-4 passes with merkur hd. Are you happy with the sanex asb? It is sold here, too, a little cheaper than nivea.

    Vive Cuervo:cool:

  6. Congratulations on such a stupendous shave! Sounds like your pre-shave prep was impeccable, which is probably the best thing you can do to get a close and comfortable shave. I shave at night too, and it's usually close enough (unless I'm doing some experimenting maybe) that my face is smoother the next morning than it used to be right after my "old" (pre DE) morning cartridge shaves! :w00t:
  7. That's a good prep. Now...I'd challenge you to do a 5 pass shave with ANY "pre-shave" product, minimal prep, and see what your face felt like afterward.

    WATER + HEAT, two easily procured things we use too little of!

    Congrats...GOOD PREP!!!:biggrin:
  8. All I know I am going to try that prep tonight when I shave, because it sounds like pure heaven. Congrats on the great shave!
  9. It's very VERY close, to Kyle's Sticky in the pre-shave prep. I do a similar prep each morning, and it's well worth the effort, both in terms of comfort and in result.
  10. are the hema brand blades anny good? i have a pack of them, but haven't tried them yet. they are kinda cheap (1,30 for 10) for a "real store" (also the only store in NL where i could find em)

    edit: gograts on the great shave
  11. Five passes ...this is a sickness ( haha ) congrats .
  12. Sanex is a very good ASB in my opinion, at least as good as any Nivea ASB. In the ASB segment, Nivea used to have a monopoly, it was the cheap 'go-to' ASB for many men. Sanex entered the market only a few years back but is now pretty much equal to Nivea. I guess this also has to do with the fact that they sponsor a famous Dutch swimmer who won a few medals at the Olympics a few years ago and who is very popular over here.
  13. I paid €1,35 for a 10 pack at Hema. They're pretty good and comparable to Derby.
  14. Wow... that prep seemed like your were preparing to shave in the olypics, lol. Nice... I think I might try some of those concepts. Congratz on the BBS shave!
  15. BBS is awesome, isn't it?

  16. 1,35 could be :), i'll load them up next time.

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