My First DE Shave!

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  1. I have been wet shaving for about 6 years but always with cartridge razors, most recently the ProGlide. I have always gotten a reasonable shave but got fed up with the high cost of new cartridges and ended up landing here on B&B during my search for a better way.

    I ordered three DE’s to try out (a new Weber DLC, a NOS Simplex Military Razor, and a Gillette Fat Boy adjustable).

    As I was waiting for the razors to arrive I stumbled upon my Grandfather-in-Law’s old razor and decided to give it a try (admittedly after first cleaning, polishing, and sanitizing it). As usual I used Proraso pre-shave and my wife’s homemade shaving soap on each pass. I threw a new Merkur Super Platinum blade in the old razor and gave it a shot.

    I started with a WTG pass and two XTG passes and was very disappointed with the patchy shave I got. I decided to just go for it and do an ATG and that is when I realized I was holding the razor all wrong on the previous three passes and got the closest shave I have ever had. Unfortunately I also got the worst razor burn I have ever had!

    It looks like I have a lot of technique to learn, but at least I know what I have been missing using cartridge razors all these years.

    I have decided to gift the old razor to my father-in-law who will appreciate the razor as a connection to his father. I was hoping to provide him with a some general information about it but I am having trouble identifying it. I think it is a Gillette No 66, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    $Pa Smith 01.jpg
    $Pa Smith 02.jpg
    $Pa Smith 03.jpg
    $Pa Smith 04.jpg
    $Pa Smith 05.jpg
  2. Welcome to B&B from another newbie to the forum. Some might argue a true wetshave doesnt involve a yucky cartridge razor, lol. Congratulations on seeing the light! You will be amazed at how much money you do not spend on razor cartridges! (I didnt say "save," because most of us end us spending far more than we would normally on soaps, brushes, trying new blades, and when you get into straights {inevitable]; hones and strops, etc.)

    You are picking an interesting route buying all vintage for your first go, but from what I have read, those are all great razors (my fav would probably be the fatboy) Dont rule out razors from this millennium too. New offerings from Muhle are incredible, and machined to tolerances our grandparents couldn't dream of, resulting in VERY efficient and consistent shaves. Give a R89 a try (or an Edwin Jagger 89, it has the same head for $20 or so less), you wont be sorry! Its mild, but fully capable.

    As far as the mystery razor, Im afraid I can be of no help. I will say it is gorgeous with the swirling checkering, your father in law should be very happy!
  3. you know what, you might not wanna give it to him, I saw one similar selling for a little under $300, and the bidding was no where near done on ebay. apparently you have a little gem. [auction link edited out]

    Think i may have inadvertently solved your query whilst prowling for a deal. About that, Ill give you $50 for it! :laugh:
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  4. Holy've got a keeper. Some of the more experienced B&B members can tell you more about this razor.
  5. Unfortunatly it is not a #15 British Aristocrat, that is a beautiful open comb in great shape. This one has some plating that is not in good shape (not visible in the pictures) and is definitly not that well polished! Not that it matters, the Razor was never mine in the first place I simply came upon it and am going to pass it on to the rightfull owner, maybe some day he will gift it back to me... A guy can dream, right?
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    Hey guys, please don't post links to active ebay auctions. It is strictly against the Terms of Use.


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