Most overrated shaving product.

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  1. In your view, which shaving-related product(s) is (are) overrated? You know, those products that most people seem to think are at least very good but leave you unimpressed. No need to explain if you don't want to.

    For me, its Proraso (lather too thin) soap and the Merkur Futur (oversized, pretentious and can't get under the nose efficiently).
  2. I will keep my eyes on this. I am not sure what I would call overrated just yet. I have been happy with all my products but I have not shelled out big cash for one item just yet. I think Proraso is great for the money, a $10 tube lasts next to forever
  3. I had specifically indicated the soap, not the tube [cream]. Further, one of the problems with the soap is that, it too, lasts forever.
  4. Proraso isnt overrated IMO.....Good product, good value.

    Honestly, to me, the most overrated product is without question a badger brush of any grade or brand name. :ohmy: Boars are cheaper, synthetics are cheaper and both out perform all badgers ive tried. (Ive tried every major brand except Plisson) Just my .02 cents of course, and yes, you may request a refund! :wink2:
  5. MWF, but then I really cannot say that it is overrated, it is more likely due to the fact that I have oily skin and the lanolin in MWF leaves my face feeling greasy all day.

    As for Proraso, it's one of my favourites. I use the product in the green tub. If you find the lather too thin, try spending a bit more time loading your brush (aka "Use More Product").

  6. Fusion... Sorry had to.

    I think badgers are overrated.
  7. Would have to say floid blue, dont get me wrong its a great aftershave but for me just seems a bit overhyped compared with say proraso aftershave or boosters polar ice.

    And would have to disagree with teddyboy, proraso soap is one of my favourites and the futur gives me a great shave.have even been able to get a technique sorted to get under the nose.
  8. Badger brushes. I am a boar guy. Feather blades. I have never been able to get a blood free shave from Feathers except in my Tech and only then if I go really slowly and carefully. AOS products. There are just as good quality products out there, for less money, than AOS. L'Occitaine CADE comes to mind as does Real Shaving Co., King of Shaves, Proraso, Cella, Arko and a host of others. Any product formulated "for sensitive skin".
  9. Feather blades.
  10. Tallow. I say it now and I'll say it over, and over again: TALLOW = GREASIER LATHER, and not necessarily better shave, necessary better protection...
  11. I wouldn't call it overrated, but I didn't like it and I exchanged it. Finally someone that didn't like it too.
  12. An unexpected aspect of this post is that I am going to consider a boar brush. I will check the reviews to see what is widely appreciated.
  13. You won't regret it. I'd say go for an Omega or a Semogue (If you live outside Europa, the shipping gets pretty expensive, though).
  14. Turkish shaving products, there's a lot of fuss about Derby blades, Arko, Astra SP's. They just give me a lot of irritation:sad:.

    I do like proraso, but I really don't appreciate it being full of parabens...
  15. Green tub Proraso. I didn't care for it, I PIFfed it and they didn't care for it.

    MWF. I don't get the appeal. It's a pain to lather and doesn't give as good a lather as Provence Sante or Irisch Moos. I'll be either trading or PIFfing that one.
  16. MDC ..there i said it :001_tongu
    no doubt its good,but i feel its too much hyped!
  17. Badger Brushes, boars are way better.
  18. MWF. I don't get all the MWF love. It's tricky to lather and has lack-luster protection. It does have a nice clean scent though.
  19. What's all this piling on against badger brushes? Many of us (I'll gamble and say most) prefer the badger to the boar. Some of the badger brushes may be overhyped and unnecessary (you know which ones $$$$ I'm talking about), and that could make them "over rated" as far as this poll goes. But come on--I'm watching people climb all over themselves to put their money down on $75+ pig bristle brushes. And then post that badger is over rated.
  20. Anything labeled as a "system" with razor, canned goo, ASB, or whatever else they want to label the same and sell as making the whole greater than the individual pieces. Some even add body wash and shampoo in their "systems!"


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