Misc. Vintage Shaving Images

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  1. Here's some miscellaneous vintage shaving images from memory.loc.gov. Enjoy:

    Art Ward's barber shop. Paonia, Colorado (approx 1905 - 1915)

    Harkey Browning & Fred Ewers Barbershop. Littleton, CO (between 1900 to 1910)

    Barber, wearing mask to protect against influenza, shaving man's face, other barbers and patrons visible. Chicago (1918)

    Central City barber shop. Littleton CO. (ca. 1866)

    Barber looking up, shaving the face of a reclining man in a barber shop in Prairie Du Chien, Wisconsin (1926)

    Unidentified African American man shaving the face of an unidentified Caucasian man in front of a low wooden building at Churchill Downs (1926)

    Browning Barber Shop. Littleton, CO (1890)

    Detroit, Michigan. Selling a Shick shaver at the Crowley-Milner department store (1941)

    On U.S. 99 between Bakersfield and the Ridge, en route to San Diego. Migrant man shaving by roadside (1939)

    Two barbers stand in a barber tent in a camp for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show at Ambrose Park in Brooklyn, New York (1894?)

    Interior view of a barbershop in Georgetown, Colorado (between 1870 and 1890)

    A migrant packinghouse worker shaving. Deerfield Florida (1937)
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    Very nice indeed!
  3. Kyle

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    Very cool.
  4. Excellent Photos.
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    Great photos.
  6. guenron

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    Ditto. Makes you somewhat wistful and also think of that which truly constitutes progress. Then again, I think I'll take a pass on the Depression.
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    Great pix!
  8. Great photos. Thanx Christopher...

  9. I particularly like this image because of all the occupational shaving mugs on the wall!


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