McC's Blackwoods Flake

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Mike in Cincy, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. I can't seem to keep this stuff lit no matter what. Any suggestions? Did anyone else have this issue?

    also, I had read somewhere else that there's a pipe tobacco trade thread...where is that?
  2. Have you tried airing it out for 15 minutes or so? I know that with the flakes I have tried, I had good results when I rubbed them out and let them sit on a piece of paper for 15 minutes. I then folded the paper, and funneled it into the pipe. Going right from the baggie to the bowl never worked for any of my flakes.
  3. 5 seconds, (and I mean 5 seconds) in the microwave can do wonders for a tobacco that does not want to burn.
  4. I love this stuff. I have a sealed can that I'm aging. I haven't had any problems with it, but I do air it out a bit before loading.
  5. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    I am smoking it as I type, and it's quite nice!

    I take out a bowl worth from the ball jar and stick it in a less than airtight empty FVF or similar tin the night before. The next day it dries out just enough so I loosely rub it out, pack and I'm off to the races. To aid in lighting flake I spread out tobacco "dust" from past left over bits and use it as tinder to get the less homogenous tobacco to burn. YMMV tho.
  6. Kentos

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    Tobacco trades are still a no-go till further notice from what I have read.
  7. rickcharles606

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    I just rub it out and let it sit for for 30 min. or so then load the pipe and away I go ;-)
  8. thanks guys, i'll give these methods a shot and report back!!
  9. Argonaut

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    Blackwoods is kind of rubbed out already, but I find it needs a little more. All the suggestions on drying it above should help you figure it out.
  10. Do all pipe tobaccos improve with age?

    Respectfully, what exactly is the problem with trading tobacco? I ask because I'm still new to all of this and maybe don't fully understand all the issues and implications.
  11. Argonaut

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    Question #1, no
    Question #2, It's complicated, for instance, if you send tobacco to someone in the state of Washington you could be charged with a felony, or maybe the recipient. There is no rule that you can't ask for a friends personal email address and do as you will off the B&B.

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