(Max OS X) Cannot delete items from the Trash

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  1. Google Chrome started acting squirrely (three concurrently running processes using RAM) so I decided to trash Chrome for now...only it was stuck in the Trash.

    Holding down "option" or "shift-option" didn't work.

    I found a free app called "Trash It! 5.0" via Macupdate's website:


    This works. :adoration:
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    Slightly off subject, this week I found "FreeMemory" a free app for the iMac. It works well at freeing RAM.
  3. You could also try opening terminal and typing rm -rm ~/.Trash/*. If its being stubborn, use $sudo rm -Rf ~/.Trash/*. The sudo command will prompt for your admin password. Be careful using sudo (super user "do"). Also, never log into terminal as super user, just use the sudo command when you need to.

    Here is a site about trash problems too

    I'd hesisitate using programs like that on mac, since its Unix based and virtually everything can be done with a command in terminal.

    As for freeing memory, closing programs or a simple restart is all you need.
  4. (from Trash it! readme file) "This is not a Finder trash can replacement! It should be used as a last resort!"
  5. I did find that site first before finding the recommendation for Trash it!

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