Manuka Honey Aftershave?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by auk1124, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. It appears that the holistic/organic crowd have hyped New Zealand Manuka Honey as a cure-all for a variety of skin ailments. Supposedly the stuff works wonders on everything from bacterial infections to psoriasis, eczema, acne, even supposed to calm down rosacea outbreaks.

    Digging around a bit I notice some Australian/New Zealand companies are marketing skin creams and balms with Manuka Honey, and I could've swore I saw some aftershave balms that contain the stuff.

    If this honey actually does even a portion of what it is hyped to do, it seems to me that it would make one outstanding aftershave ingredient.

    Was wondering whether any of the New Zealand / Australian members have tried any of these aftershaves with the magic Manuka Honey, and if so, whether they noticed a difference.
  2. Just to prove your post isn't being ignored I'll answer but I'm afraid I haven't experienced any ASB with this honey in it.
  3. If you do try any of those asbs I'd appreciate a report. Shipping to the US would cost a fortune but if they help soothe recurring skin conditions, I'd probably try a bottle.
  4. What, no Phthalates? Parabens? Red dye #2? I'm not buying it! :lol:
  5. I dunno -- I'm skeptical. Manuka honey is great stuff, but my understanding is that in order to obtain the benefits the OP is speaking about, it needs to be "active" Manuka honey, meaning that it has "...the special non-peroxide antibacterial activity which is naturally present in some strains of manuka honey, but it is not in all manuka honey." (Quoted from this link.) My other understanding is that the honey needs to be used in its raw, unprocessed state in order to obtain these benefits, something that certainly wouldn't be the case if it's used as an ingredient in an aftershave.
  6. Yup.

    The only real way to obtain the true benefits of Manuka honey is follow this proceedure:

    1- Shave


    3-Insert face into Manuka beehive

  7. ...reminds me of my first DE shave - drugstore boar brush, new Williams soap, Merkur blade....
  8. Not quite so an Irish university has been able to isolate the curative properties of the honey and showed how they could be produced synthetically, this has been licensed by an American Pharmacutical company who plan to use the discovery for wound care, control of hospital-acquired infections and oral hygiene applications.

    On an aside while not using Manuka honey, Musgo Real Balm uses beeswax and is rated very highly for its healing properties.

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