Mailman was VERY good today...pic heavy

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  1. It's like X-mas in July. Here's what all arrive in my mailbox today.

    6/8 W&B FBU blade only.

    #14 José Lopez Sevilla. Someone told me this a whats called a German Palmera. It has the Palmera palm tree logo on the box and on the back of the tang. It's a hair under 15/16".

    6/8 H.M.C. Cutlery Co. with a cool whale logo and handmade on the tail.

    And last but not least.

    11/16 Heljestrand MK 8. This baby is very minty.
  2. Those are some sweet razors, but that whale one is especially awesome.
  3. Wid


    Very nice Matt. That HMC with take an incredible edge.
  4. Thanks Rick glad to hear that. About 10 minutes of cleaning and it looks brand new.
  5. Nice bunch Matt! I love the HMC, especially the hammer and the "hand made" on the tail.
  6. Very nice! I have an HMC identical to yours, and it's consistently one of my best shavers.
  7. Very nice
  8. I thought this was going to show a pic of a stack of boxes. But these are even better. Very nice.
  9. I should have taken a pic. There were 9 packages total.
  10. Very nice score!
  11. Someone has been spending serious bucks! Great snags, I'm very jealous.
  12. Not as much as you would think.
  13. mdunn

    mdunn Moderator Emeritus

    Good day!
  14. Dannggggggg. What a haul!

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