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  1. I have been using Vel brand soap for years. This soap was unique because it is a synthetic soap. It did not leave soap scum and was the only soap I have ever found that can be used in hard-water conditions. The problem is that it has been recently discontinued. I have been looking for another synthetic soap to replace the Vel soap I had used for so long but cannot seem to find any. It seems that companies pride themselves on "all natural" instead of synthetic. Vel soap is being sold on ebay, but at a high price since it is no longer being made. Anyone know where I can buy synthetic soap at a reasonable price?
  2. zest WAS a synthetic soap until 2006/07. The discontinued Zest is $1 a bar on ebay or amazon.com (for 60 bars). The vel is about $ 4 a bar.

    Look for "soaps" that say they are a beauty bar or a deodorant bar. Check dollar stores or store brands....

    Also try Dove. It is a beauty bar that is mostly synthetic. It was touted for hard water use (see the 1950's section of this review of their ads:)

  3. If by synthetic you mean a non-soap based bar cleanser, they should be pretty easy to find.

    Walk into any local grocery store/walmart and any bars that say "body bar" or "bath bar" will most likely be detergent based instead of soap based.

    2 things you can look for to identify detergent based soap

    1) It doesn't say "soap" anywhere on the packaging
    2) The ingredients are listed on the product

    Usually "real" soaps list their ingredients as well, but it's not required by law. Synthetic (eg, detergent based) bath bars are required by law to list their ingredients.

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