looking for a razor that is one or 2 steps more aggressive than the merkur hd

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by randomtw, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. Any recommendations for a razor thats one or two steps more aggressive than the merkur hd? Preferably something that can be bought new as I dont want to have to disinfect the razor if possible.
  2. I would recommend a Futur, Slant or Vision.
  3. thanks, those were the 3 i was considering

    i'm debating between the slant and the futur, the futur is only $20 (maybe less) more than the slant for me
  4. Either the slant or futur would be excellent choices. The vision is ok but I've heard alot of the new ones have quality issues and you can get both the futur and slant in gold with some nice soap and cream for the same money. :biggrin::tongue_sm
  5. Of course if you choose the Futur (or the Vision) you can *choose* how many steps of agression you want.

    Have you tried a slant?

    - Chris
  6. I'd recommend the Merkur HD Rake Edge or the Futur. The Rake Edge is very aggressive as the blade gets a lot closer to the skin, and the Futur is a powerful razor. You can adjust it to suit.
  7. I really love my futur. It can shave well with nearly any razor blade too. The blade feels more rounded out in all its aspects.
  8. Parker 91r is a great razor and pretty aggressive. Might fit the bill for you.
  9. how would you compare it to the slant?

    is the slant bar slanted on both sides?

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