Looking for a "fresh" or "clean" or "sport" scent soap...

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by MisterCK, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. My shaving items are the only items in my entire personal hygiene arsenal that are not of the 'fresh' or 'sport' style scent... shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, body wash, even my colognes (porsche design, hugo energise, ck1 summer)...

    Are there any soaps out there that will not make me smell like the woodsy, musky, sandalwoods-y, whatever that most are and compliment the fresh scents? Off-the-shelf canned creams and gels have them, so why can't I find them in this form?

    FYI, for the scents I'm speaking of, think Old Spice new body washes & deodorants, coast brand soap, etc.
  2. Mama bear soaps has a huge collection of cologne based soaps as well as general scents that you might be what your looking for www.mamabearssoaps.com
  3. would you consider lime a fresh scent? how about menthol?

  4. Klar Klassik soap smells modern and sporty. There's also a "Sport" variant but I've never smelled it. But Mama Bear is a cheaper route. Klar products, while tremendous performers, run on the expensive side.
  5. D.R. Harris almond soap. Smells clean and lightly medicinal (quinine); no almond scent involved in it.
  6. +1 on mama bear

    Honeybee is another artisan soap maker with a lot of scent options. Links: Wiki website. I have used Clean for Men and there are a couple of others that might work for you.
  7. Pre de Provence is definitely a clean scent.
  8. HoneyBeeSpa is a great soap with tons of scents. Sue will help you find what you're looking for. VERY reasonable and superfast shipping.
  9. Valobra Stick, Irisch Moos and MWF all smell rather soapy. I would put lavender-scented soaps in the "clean and fresh" category as well.

    If you venture into creams, T&H 1805 or Trumper's GFT might fit the bill for "sporty".

    And welcome to B&B!
  10. I don't smell any soap after I rinse. (AOS, Cella, Harris, Tabac,etc)

    Sounds like the OP is trying to make a soap into a cologne.
  11. For creams, JM Fraser Jake Sport.
  12. Maybe the Wilkinson stick or Dettol Fresh cream.
  13. Arko has a clean scent/feel.
  14. +1. Try the one that smells like Creed's Silver Mountain Water, or the one that smells like Green Irish Tweed. These are both amazing scents.
  15. I don't know of many soaps that will stick with you long enough to make a difference. I'll toss out EJ aloe and Proraso as soaps that aren't woodsy/musky.
  16. +1

    I can't think anything out there that can smell any more soapy. This stuff smells like ivory soap, lathers like mad, protects like grease, and is cheap.
  17. If you like Mama Bears, consider Bonsai
  18. If you want clean like a toilet bowl :eek: :lol:

    Trumpers GFT is the first that comes to mind...other than that anything fruity (lime, grapefruit) or something like RazoRock Fresco.
  19. Fresh and clean kinda makes me think of Proraso soap in the green tub...def fresh and clean. Great soap too, it's a soft soap and that's just an easy to lather +1

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