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Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by squatzilla801, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. I've been using this stuff lately after reading some mixed reviews. I have to say, I've found that it lathers better than nearly every soap I've tried (not MdC). I don't think I've heard this sentiment before, and I usually agree with general consensus on most soaps. I find the soap to be very creamy and easily lasts 3 passes after 20 seconds of loading. I think I like Cade a lot more than provence sante. My girlfriend loves their shower oil too. The scent is a little different, but I like it. My only regret: I didn't get the metal bowl. If any of you out there have one you don't want anymore, send a message my way.
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    i seen the bowl for sale at thebay.com but it is 30 bucks, i almost bought it once because the picture shows the soap and i thought they came together but 16 for the soap and 30 for the bowl seemed a bit much for me but i guess if you really like the bowl and it i nice enough quality to hang around your den for a whil it is worth it i think i may get a puck of this stuff on its own i have yet to try it out
  3. I got a puck of this at the Mall of America a few weeks ago, and it's been a great soap so far. I've seen a few people mention it being difficult to lather, or unstable, but I haven't had either problem.
  4. I think guys are starting to learn how to lather this soap, more and more I read about great experiences with Cade. It's my favorite soap so far. I haven't tried many tallow/lanolin soaps due to my oily skin, but Cade performs perfectly for me so I'm not in a hurry to try MWF and others.

    Love my Cade.
  5. Used it this morning. Love the scent, and it performs fine, but the lather can be somewhat airy with big bubbles compared to other soaps even with heavy loading of the brush.
    The bowl is nice to look at but always messy afterwards.
    Scent A+, performance B+
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    Bill, try to load your brush more. And take your time when building the lather on the face, it will thicken and thicken. The Cade is a perfectly fine shaving soap with a fantastic scent, IMHO.
  7. Saw it at one of their stores in the mall last week. The soap was $12, the bowl $28. I was already disappointed in the PdP I bought this month and didn't want to take a chance on this one.
  8. I love this soap. Truly fantastic. It can be a bit tricky to get the proportions just right, but its well worth the effort.

    Many people find MWF to be tricky, yet everyone just accepts that as part of the soap, while CADE is often dismissed because of it. YMMV and all that, but CADE is the better of the 2 imho, not even taking scent into account.
  9. I love Cade SS, but I do wish the scent was stronger.
  10. Thanks to 5savages, I've been using Cade for the past few days and I wanted to say it found a firm place in my rotation. Both gf and I like the scent and while it does need some extra loading than say, RR XXX, it makes very creamy and shave-worthy lather.
  11. It's in my top 3.
    My signature says it all:
  12. It is the most challenging of all my soaps, but when I get it right....heavenly. For me a very dry brush, twice the loading time, and face lather only seem to be the trick.
  13. One of my top performers with a fantastic scent.
  14. CADE is the only soap I have re-purchased so far, haven't run the first puck out yet though. I swear the soap grows (actually it does some, but this is more than some!) Other soaps are on the list for repurchase, but this is the only one I followed through with. I have several soaps I like and plan to repurchase but have not run out, and a lot of soaps I would repurchase if I needed, but not go out of my way for. I have tossed or PIF'd anything I didn't like (or used in the shower)

  15. Just bought a refill puck myself. Great soap. I use lots of water and load heavily - solid performance and lather.
  16. I love making my Cade lather with one of my boar brushes. But I have been getting better with my Shavemac silvertip too.
  17. I like soaps I don't have to think too much about!

    Actually I really enjoy CADE and would be extremely sad if it were discontinued. What I mentioned above is relative, it's lather is just a TINY bit airier than for example MdC or tabac. The last two give you more of a shaving cream quality lather. The reformulated Penhaligon English Fern has a similar frothier lather to CADE. Just splitting hairs though, the above mentioned soaps are all great in my book.

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