Lets see your Pipe Collections

Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by Jatte, May 18, 2009.

  1. heres the place to show your pipe racks and such

    heres mine to start things off,

    i have a brown version of the wizard white pipe, but its at my girlfiends house, along with a dtuch 10 inch clay pipe, and a strider pipe, the wizard and strider can be seen on http://macqueenpipes.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=8

    anyways, everyone with pipes, show them off :)
  2. I like pipes, and pipe tobacco. I have neither, but will enjoy the show....
  3. This is a bad pic of my pipes and tobaccos (by the way, that reminds me I need to clean them again):

  4. Here's almost half of mine. The rest haven't been unpacked yet from when we moved a few months ago.
  5. The lovely ART of THE BURL!!
    Here's a wee bit of mine...
    I really like this case....


  6. Though it's not a collection, I feel I should contribute my kiseru pipe. It is a traditional Japanese pipe about a foot long and totally awesome.[​IMG]

    Sorry for the large pic. I'm kind of ignorant of pic hosting on the net.
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  7. I haven't used it in years, I don't remember where I left it, but it looks just like this one:
  8. I just stopped my pipes and am currently smoking cigars. My wife hates the smell of ALL cigars but loves pipes. My problem was that I was not getting enough nicotine with my pipe tobacco blends and I started inhaleing almost evrytime. Thus that for me really takes away the pleasure of the taste. Recomend a strong blend to me please very high in nicotine.
  9. From the top of my head, strong in nicotine:

    - Peterson's irish Flake

    - Dunhill's Nightcap
  10. HAHAHAHA!!!! *sigh*...me neither...

    Something funny about this thread...when you see it listed in the most recent topics at the bottom of the home page, all you see is "Lets see your Pipe...". Now, I was pretty sure it referred to the smoking kind, but based on the weirdness of the "what kind of underwear do you wear?" thread I was sorta scared to click...

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