Le Male EDT for colder months only?

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  1. I know I'm getting to this one a bit late, but I had a question regarding this scent. I recently received a sample when I was purchasing another fragrance and enjoyed it so much that I decided to buy a full size bottle. But after reading several reviews online many have said that it's not a summer scent at all. They make a summer version of it as well (Le Male Summer). So is it one I should avoid in the summertime? Should I wait until after the summer to start using the stuff, or just use less when the weather starts to heat up? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Just use one spray in the summer. It is the greatest scent ever, and Im sure the rest of this board would agree with that statement. Why limit it to certain times of the year? Doing so would be unfair to yourself and "the ladies" who will compliment youfor wearing it.

    And forget about Le male Summer. It sucks - a neutered version that takes away from the greatness that is Le Male.
  3. Wear what YOU want, when YOU want to.

    Too much of what one hears on the internet is other peoples' opinions and nothing more. If you wear it in the summer and don't enjoy it, then stop wearing it. Or wear less. Or wear more...

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams."
    ~Willy Wonka~
  4. Thanks Schad and Mark. Much appreciated. Looks like it's all systems go for me and Le Male this summer!
  5. PS to Schad- Fleur Du Male blows Le Male clear out of the water... :winkiss:

    But that's just MY opinion...
  6. I have never tried Fleur de Male. Lots of stores like Macy's sephora and even Ulta carry Le Male but not Fleur. Do you know of any dept stores that carry this song can sample?
  7. Don't know of any dept. stores but I just re-upped from my local Perfumania. Scentedmonkey sells samples of it. This is definitely one to try first as many consider it to be "too feminine".

    To my nose, it's simply beautiful, not feminine. But I do understand that it's just not for some guys. I am 6ft, 240lbs, and covered with tattoos. I really can wear what I want, when I want. LOL
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  8. No argument there, Mark!
  9. I've read people compare Fleur Du Male to MFK APOM PH. Are they similar? I like APOM a lot. They are obviously both created by the genius perfumer Francis Kurkdjian.
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    Folks, please if you want to talk about a totally different scent than what the OP has asked about, please start another thread or PM each other.
  11. Please accept my apologies.
  12. Actually.....you should have directed that to the OP (not the apology.....but the suggestion). If someone likes Le Male, he may also like Fleur Du Male. To the OP.........Fleu Du Male comes in the exact same bottle but it is solid white and it smells much lighter and fresher than Le Male (to my nose at least). Might be worth trying for the summer if you think Le Male might not work.
  13. This sounds reasonable.

    This sounds like Shad.
  14. I thought Le Male was a marketed warm weather scent. Just look at the bottle.
  15. I mix Le Male with YSL Kouros in the summer time - just go easy on the sprayer, when it's hot.

    I get tons of compliments with this layer/mix/hybrid - JPG Le Male & YSL Kouros

    And I never tell people, what I really wear - they can't guess it for sure - in fact no one has ever guessed it yet.
    Perfect for clubbing - everybody wears 1 Million, Le Male and Joop - I wear Le Male & Kouros for clubbing and going out - GREAT SCENT !

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