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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by The Nid Hog, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. The Nid Hog

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    I'm a huge fan of men's lavender fragrances, but I find it difficult to remain satisfied with them. I've gotten tired of the classics like Creed's RSL and Caron PH (I still think that Agua Lavanda Puig is great for summer days). Although I still wear a number of fragrances that feature lavender, I want one that puts the lavender front and center. At the same time, I'd like other things to be going on too. I'm thinking about Lutens Gris Clair. I've been through a couple of samples and I remain intrigued. Should I pull the trigger on a bottle? Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Also, any suggestions for a reliable outlet for Lutens?
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  2. Try D'Orsay's Arome 3! It's a great Lavender-centric fragrance with a chypre accord underneath!
  3. Have you tried By Kilian Taste of Heaven? Similar to Caron PH but with every thing ramped up a notch plus absinthe to add complexity. Easily my favorite lavender but I haven't yet tried Gris Clair
  4. Etat Libre d'Orange Antihero

    Accords: Herbal, Fresh Spicy, Floral, Musky, Woody
    Notes: Lavender, Musk, Cedar
  5. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    I haven't tried the d'Orsay; I smelled Taste of Heaven last summer, but it was after working my way though a very extensive selection of frags and it didn't really register with me. I'll put them on the "to try" list.
  6. joshmpdx

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    Parfums de Nicolai Pour Homme and C&S O&C get my votes.
  7. Jicky.
    lavender and civet.
    It's lavender and then some, it's beyond lavender, it's in a league of its own.
    I love d'Orsay Arome 3, I love Antiheroes, but Jicky is tops!
  8. Had a sample of Gris Clair, and personally loved it. Wife personally hated it; there is a strong smoke component.
  9. The Nid Hog

    The Nid Hog Moderator Emeritus

    I like Jicky a lot, but my wife has been wearing it for ages. She's very protective of her big tank of it.
  10. Niles

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    +1 for Oxford & Cambridge and A Taste Of Heaven.
  11. Ron991

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    $Lavender 001.jpg

    Lavender is a rather interesting fragrance in that it seem to be one of those love it, or hate it fragrances. personally I am very fond of this fragrance. I over the years have broken this fragrance down into three categories for my personal use. I will start with the PdN version on the left. This I view as a bit heavier of a Lavender fragrance therefore I pretty much wear this version in the late Fall, and throughout Winter. The Caron in the middle seems to me to be A Lavender that lies somewhere between the the two flanking it. A tad lighter blended Lavender than the PdN, yet a bit heavier blend than the AdP blend. I find this a tad better to wear in the early Spring. Lastly I find the AdP version to be the most sheer, and transparent version of the Lavender note, thus this is my choice for Summer wear.
  12. malocchio

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    Atkinsons English lavender is a very true scent of lavender.

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  13. Austin

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  14. Nid,

    I think Gris Clair is excellent! Yes, pull the trigger on the bottle. If you don't like it, let me know.

    Just a thought...I think Gris Clair is excellent for cooler temps. This week, we're supposed to be around 105 each day. I wouldn't wear it in this heat, as opposed to Agua Lavanda, which would be a better choice for a warm weather lavender fragrance.
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  15. The Knize

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    Another endorsement of Arome 3, here except I do not know that it is a lavender scent in the way, say, C&S O&C is. The latter is the scent I think of and go to when I am thinking fresh and clean, uplifting, mood enhancing, cooling in the summer, lavender. Arome 3 is lavender centric, but I think from a fougere-like perspective. Nicely green. Not so "purple" if that makes any sense at all.

    I have tried Gris Clair any number of times from Lutens testers, usually along with a bunch of other Lutens, and it never seems to reach out and grab me. Could be the context. I am not a big Lutens fan overall all, although there are a few Lutens that amazing.

    <a reliable outlet for Lutens>

    Blue Mercury, brick and mortar in the DC area, multiple locations, and I am sure on-line, is well-stocked with Lutens, and I am sure reliable. No bargains, however!
  16. I'll echo those that have suggested Czech and Speake's Oxford and Cambridge. It also has some mint in it, which blends very well with the lavender. One of the really nice things about it is that the longevity is also very, very good.

    Another one to consider is Santa Maria Novella's Imperial Lavender. As with most, it's worth sampling first and Lafco has accommodated requests for samples in the past. It's been awhile since I sampled it, but I remember it being a pretty pure, herbally lavender with decent longevity. Maybe someday I'll purchase a bottle, but I've been very content in the meantime with their lavender aftershave, which is quite similar in scent and my favorite aftershave.
  17. I am watching this thread with great interest as I am fond of classic lavender scents as well. I used Yardley's English Lavender years ago when I used their soap but when the last bottle ran out I did not replace because though I liked it the longevity was fairly short on me.

    Is the Atkinsons English made English Lavender still available? I was given a bottle several years ago and when it ran out recently I was unable to find a vendor. I did not do an exhaustive search but all I could find was an Italian manufacturer.


  18. Caldey Island Lavender ,Santa Maria Novella and Creed RSL get my vote.The Caldey makes an aftershave and and a cologne.Both top notch products.
  19. A Taste of Heaven is my go to lavender.
  20. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    the bottle pictured above is Atkinsons highest quality lavender splash...there are 2 other bottles that can be found,but the one pictured above is the best,and the most expensive,and yes,still available,shop around for best price.My last purchase was from Connaught...

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