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  1. Have a new HP laptop which measures 15 1/4 across, not quite 10 deep and about 1 1/2 thick. Plan to carry it on occasional long distance trips in the car (probably in the trunk) and perhaps on an airliner. Would like suggestions on what to look for in a bag size and feature-wise. Want adequate protection from expected knocks and bangs, and enough size to accomodate the laptop, power pack, cables and regular size mouse. And not looking for anything overly expensive (of course). Specific questions I have already is should I be looking at a bag advertised as 17" to assure adequate room? Are the less expensive ones, like Kenningston, adequate for protection? Hints and tips welcomed!!
  2. I am very fond of Tom Bihn´s bags. Well designed, excellent craftsmanship and great customer service. Their brain cell will protect your laptop extraordinarily and the Slip is great for organizing and moving stuff between 2 bags.
  3. I love the "idea" of Tom Bihn but apart from the Cadet, I really don't like the look of their bags. Most of their models would not be suitable for my work environment. I have a Tumi laptop brief (link). Way overpriced, but I travel with it a lot and it has really held up. I don't have to worry about it like my leather briefcase. Last week I had to get the snaps replaced on one of my Tumi duffel bags, and they did it for free, no questions asked. I have some Tumi products that are almost as old as I am!

    At work we are issued Targus laptop bags. They are more reasonably priced and are pretty solid, but I still prefer my Tumi.

    Samsonite makes some nice generic-looking laptop bags as well.

    Timbuk2 makes some great made in USA laptop messenger bags. I use mine all the time as my "casual" bag.

    I think any laptop bag will protect your laptop well enough. If you are willing to pay more, you'll get extra durability, better materials like ballistic nylon and leather handles, and a better guarantee.

    I would recommend getting the right size. Your laptop is pretty standard. Getting a 17 inch bag does not mean you will have more room for your stuff. It just means your laptop will not fit securely. I use a neoprene case for extra security.
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