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  1. I just acquired a black handle SS with an L date code. The seller claims this to be a 1966. Were these made that long ago? I am wondering if it is really a 1991? Does anyone know when they started /stopped production of these??

  2. I've personally handled a couple M-1's, 1967's, and CJBianco has said they started in 1966 so I think you may have one of the first black handled SS's. Do you know what quarter of 1966 it comes from? They ceased production of those sometime in the late 70's or early 80's I believe.

    Great find!
  3. Actually I got two, an L4 and an M1.
  4. I have an L4 66'. Like MT, I don't believe these were made in 91'
  5. Geeze, guys two L-4's that I don't have. Well there's another to add to the "War and Peace" sized Gillette want list.
  6. Coming from you I am asuming it's the mini version....
  7. I tried books on tape, but my tape player gave out before the mid point and I filled a landfill with batteries. :001_smile
  8. I can't fathom you having a list that long....:confused:
  9. That's why I started a Schick, PAL and GEM collection. I have a feeling I could collect everything all three companies made before I could scratch the surface of Gillette.
  10. You mean you haven't started collecting Gillette memorabila yet..?

    I only have one Gem and one Gem Jr.

  11. Ray! What are you doing to me. :001_huh: I have been eying those Gillette trucks on eBay, but I have no room. My place is full of unneeded crap and razors, plenty of razors. I could however hang a Gillette sign on the wall and a display could be used to display things. See I can rationalize anything. :biggrin:
  12. Oh, I have one of those,
    And some of these...


  13. '66 was a transitional year and Gillette produced both the new black handle SS and the nickel plated flare tip SS. I have each type in 'L'. I do know that the Black Handle SS was produced into '86, but am not sure after that. HTH.

    -- John Gehman
  14. I just recently spoliated an L4 '66 black handle, pretty good condition, haven't cleaned it yet, but feels good and hefty, oughtta shave well
  15. My first SS was a 1966 L4 black handle.


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