Kindle Fire Issues & Maintenance. Helpe Me Out

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    Good afternoon chaps. As the surprised recipient of a Kindle Fire from Father Christmas last year I have to say it is a most useful little device. Now mind, I have to keep telling myself what it is really meant for. Media consumption. Honestly, this is the gist of its existence and it does it really rather well. I have to think that Mrs. Claus(SWMBO) purchased a nice and mostly useful gift. However, like all electonic devices there are some issues that raise their heads from time to time. So listing things that are great and work pretty much each time you use the feature and then a follow up with "what I would really have liked to seen..." list is included. The maintenance issues I mention are recent developments and Amazon's support sites are like reading stereo receiver instructions at times. And they constantly link to other pages. Here we go.

    Audio/Video consumption. Hey, I will give them this. Their Prime free month trial worked out of the box like a champ with just my Amazon purchasing credentials loaded into it. And no flimflam with automatically enrolling and billing me after the month "for your convenience". They just ended the trial and done. Hulu Plus and Netflix loaded, started, and play flawlessly. Even over our lackluster wireless G network at home. Web browser is pretty easy to use but has some annoyances I will list later. Over all it works fine though. Book reading. I should do more of this as opposed to browsing B&B whilst watchting the tellly.

    Irks. Browser. While it works it does some aggravating things. Like not always allowing the keyboard to pop up when replying to posts here. Maybe a maintenance issue. The autofill or whatever you call it in the touch keyboard. I CONSTANTLY have to edit posts here at B&B since the "smart" Kindle thinks I am typing O'rourke rather that odour. This happend just today. I cannot figure out how to stop this. Sometimes I think it is because I am sweeping the stylus across the keys faster than it can predict what I am typing. I don't know for sure. That bloody carousel on the homepage. It lists every ruddy thing you do on the homepage or launchpad or whatever you call it. Very annoying and requires constant cleaning up. I also do not really care for the amount of visited sites and whatnot on the browswer homepage either. Last, it really should have access to an external keyboard.

    Overall I like the Fire quite a lot. It just works most times but lately it is doing something that is driving me crazy. In the browser many times you can tap a reply area in a post and the keyboard will not appear. And today, the silly thing started loading tonnes of pages and constantly asked me if I wanted to restore my tabs. No matter what I chose it would do it again over and over. I finally shut it down and I am typing this on my daughters laptop. Have any of you experienced this sort of behaviour? I intend to clear the cache, cookies, passwords, and whatever else in the browser but if this is deeper is there any sort of diagnostic tool such as check disk or some error fixer like you have in Windows? I could do a hard reset but I am pretty sure any apps I have purchased will disappear and I will have to repurchase them. Yes/No? I am away to Amazon's help sites but would love to get some real world feedback from users here. Thank you.

    Cheers, Todd

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