Just got my first DE... Parker 96R

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  1. My wife surprised me this X-mas with a Parker 96R. I have never used a DE before, but now I am hooked! I can't believe I made it this long with the cartridge models, I was missing out.

    The store she bought it at recommended Feather blades, so she got me a pack. I have been shaving every day since, and (knock on wood) haven't nicked myself yet.

    I was a little scared going into it, but found that I picked up the angle pretty quick, and was able to do a decent job on the first shave.

    So today I got a cheap brush and several soaps to try out. Does anyone have any recommendations on shaving creams?

    And I have been doing great with Feather blades, should I stick to what works? Or is there a better blade out there? I do not have a thick beard, if that has anything to do with it....

    It's great to find a website like this one, and I look forward to bugging all of you with plenty of questions... :001_cool:
  2. Welcome to B&B.

    I would recommend Taylor of Old Bond Street or Proraso/C.O. Bigelow.
  3. Congrats!!!!!!! Now you need to expand your collection!!!
  4. Congrats and welcome!
  5. May I ask what soaps you are trying out? I am looking for some myself.
  6. You might have hit a Grand Slam on the feathers:001_smile Hard to beat them for sharpness. As far as creams that is kind of a personal choice. My fav's are Aqua di parma, along with Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet and there is always the stand by Proraso. That is just my two cents i am sure you will get lots of suggestions shortly here.
    Good luck in your search.
  7. Congratulations and welcome to the site. It sounds like you are off to a great start. And feather blades too boot! I would stick with the same setup for at least several weeks. Practice your technique (blade angle) and get your prep work down. Then, if the spirit moves you, experiment. Purchase a blade sample pack (westcoastshaving) and try a different blade. You might find that there is another blade that works as well if not better than feathers. But understand, blades like soaps and creams are a personal choice. What works well for one individual does not work for well for another.
    Good luck and keep us posted. :c9:
  8. I love my 96r it's a nice shaver welcome to B&B
  9. JPM


    Congrats! Welcome to the group!
  10. +1 on those two creams. Those are very well reputed ones around here and the two best I've tried.

    As far as blades go, I am 100% sold on Feathers. They are the sharpest blades I've found, and consistently so. If you want to try some others (yes, I fully understand AD's and the need to see for yourself :tongue_sm) look to Red Pack Personnas, Gillette 7 O'clock, and perhaps Astra or Derby. www.westcoastshaving.com has some great sampler packs that would be worth looking into, but you won't find anything as sharp as those Feathers.
  11. Oh yeah, Welcome to B&B!
  12. Welcome to B&B !!

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