Just finished my first soap puck...

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  1. It was Col Conk's Bay Rum. Over all I enjoyed it. I was looking into MWF since it gets rave reviews on here but I can't imagine plopping down 30 plus bucks just for shave soap. Any suggestions on something other than Razorock but less than 20 bucks you feel might be better than Col Conk?

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    You can get a puck of MWF for $13; you don't have to buy the ceramic dish. D.R. Harris soaps are also a great performer at $15. There's also Queen Charlotte Soaps, Mystic Waters, and Italian soaps like Cella.
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    I love my C&E sienna soap as well as my cade would always suggest it,.. and since i have just got few suggestions thrown my way you may want to try calani or klar seifen soaps royalshave.com has them all are great choices
  4. Assuming I'd have to grate those into my Old Spice mug as they are larger then Col Conk?
  5. Many of us store soaps in plastic tupperware/rubbermaid/siplock containers or pyrex/anchor bowls. There's also an option of buying vintage shave mugs such as Old Spice or Shulton.

    IMO, the Mitchell's Wool Fat ceramic bowl looks great. I don't particularly have the room around my pedestal sink for it, so I imagine that there's a pretty likelihood of it slipping on the floor plus the ceramic bowl is not worth the extra cash rather than simply buying the excellent soap.

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    Just find a larger container. I don't know how anyone using an Old Spice mug to create lather without waking the dead. I tried using one once to bowl lather and I kept banging my brush against the sides.
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    depends on if you had the small or the large conks too i think the large conks are standard size but the dollar stores usually have lots of options for putting soaps into from cheap plastic stuff to ceramic dishes
  8. Just buy the puck of MWF. Don't get the jar, looks neat but over all a waste of money IMO.
  9. MWF is something everyone should have in their rotation. It is, for me anyway, the gold standard that I compare everything else against. Not the easiest to lather, not the best smell, but oooohhh, when you get the lather nothing else compares...

    +1 - just get the puck. I have the ceramic dish, and it's really cool, but totally unnecessary.
  10. .........RazoRock. B)
  11. Arko! :)
  12. Proraso, cella, tabac, proraso, VDH luxury, proraso, haslinger, did I mention proraso?
  13. Palmolive shave stick, it will blow col. conk out of the water. Check "connaught shaving" on ebay, great deal.
  14. Arko! You can get yourself a carton for less than $20. Don't resist...
  15. Arko: $1-2 a puck. Much cheaper if you buy in bulk of 15
    TOBS: $15 puck on amazon
    Cella (cream): $12
    Proraso (cream): $12
    VdH Luxury Scented Soap: pack of 3 puck $10 on amazon

    Col. Conk might be able to compete with VdH, but it is over priced junk compared to Arko and poor performer compared to Cella, TOBS, and Proraso. Remember, you do not have to buy the bowl. Just mill the soap in what container that fancies you.
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  16. Just remember this simple acronym CAT*

    Cella :001_wub:
    Arko :001_wub:

    * Unless of course you are allergic to one of the ingredients.

    I can also recommend some of the Mystic Waters soaps as well, great combinations of scent, and once you work out the right water/soap balance they are every bit as good as the three I listed above.

  17. Mill = Cheese grater until puck fits correct?

  18. I just load the brush and face lather. No biggie. However, if I were to try and lather in the Old Spice mug itself I'd not be a happy camper...to cramped...
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  20. I was just starting to shave and mostly used canned Noxzema shave cream, but I had a then-new Old Spice mug, with soap, and brush (part of an entire set, with after shave, talc, and cologne). I think that I moved small blobs of lather off the soap onto my face as I re-wet the brush, and probably did as much lathering on my face as on the soap. It was over fifty years ago, and I broke it after maybe a year or two. My vague impression is that the mug was both straight-sided and considerably taller than what I bought from eBay recently, which seems very small.

    The little mug won't have much room on top, even with a small puck of soap, so lather would slop out of it, I'm sure.

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